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Places Covered: Shivpuri – Rishikesh – Kaudiyala – Brahmpuri

White Water River Rafting in Ganges

White water rafting is an exhilarating, thrilling activity. It is becoming increasingly popular with youth and more mature people for the excitement it brings. This activity is usually carried out in turbulent rivers with swirling, eddying waters that can thrill, terrify and send your heart racing as the inflatable in which you travel is tossed about by the wildly raging waters. It needs skill and strength to manage a boat but once you do, the sense of power and mastery over raging waters can be deeply satisfying. Usually, the North of India, home to many rivers that begin their journey as torrential streams, is the happy hunting place for white water rafting. In recent times it is Rishikesh that has become the star destination for people who are into this daring adventure sport. Namasteindiatrip offers a number of white water rafting experiences in this amazing destination. In addition you can also indulge your taste for rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, body surfing and river crossing in a holiday that packs in action from start to finish. We have tours for different age groups and for different budget. Check them out.

Choice – 1 Night Stay Brahmpuri to Rishikesh River Rafting & Camping Tour Packages

body surfing in rishikesh

TOUR 1 – Bharampuri to Rishikesh – (12 km) 1 Night

Day 1: Rishikesh to Brahmpuri
Arrive in Rishikesh, a holy city and a city of ashrams, to a warm welcome by our tour guide who then introduces you to other tour members. The group then sets out for a jungle trek to the nearby waterfalls after which we arrive at the base camp in Brahmpuri. A delicious hot lunch perks you up and we set out on foot to explore the beautiful surroundings. As the sun turns a golden crimson we return to base camp for evening tea by a large bonfire, singing and some games. Relax as the cook prepares dinner alfresco. Walk to the river bank and twiddle your toes, spending time in meditation or cozy conversation. Dine and then sleep blissfully under the stars.

Day 2: River rafting from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh
Rise at break of dawn and enjoy a hot breakfast by campfire and then set out for the grand river rafting experience that will take you all the way to Rishikesh. This stretch has some tumbling rapids, turbulent, swirling waters and frothy waters at spots appropriately named Initiation, Double trouble, Hilton and Terminator. A ride in the wildly careening boat is an experience you will remember. This section is also ideal for you to try body surfing or jump off a medium height cliff straight into the cold waters of the Ganga. Later, downstream, the waters become calm and you can glide along, watching the ashrams and ghats of the Ganga. On arrival in Rishikesh the tour comes to an end and you are bid a fond farewell by our tour guide.

TOUR 2 – Shivpuri to Rishikesh Whitewater Rafting Trip – ( 18 km stretch) – 1 Night

Shivpuri Rafting

Day 1: Rishikesh-Shivpuri
Arrive in Rishikesh, the city of ashrams and yoga, to a warm welcome by our tour guide. You join the group and get to know other members. The group then starts on a jungle trek to a waterfall, about 4 km from Rishikesh. After this we proceed to Shivpuri base camp and arrive at lunchtime.
Walk around after lunch and get to know the captivating beauties of nature that will keep you happily engaged till it is time for evening tea by campfire. After this you relax a bit until it is time for dinner, again out in the open. Retire for the night.

Day 2: Shivpuri to Rishikesh
The next morning you rise to the twittering of birds, even as the sky turns a rosy pink. Breakfast and set out for the most exciting white water rafting experience down the rapids from Shivpuri to Rishikesh, a distance of 16 km. There are some exciting stretches on the Ganga known as Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Club House, Initiation, Double Trouble and Hilton where there are eddying currents, rapids, drops and boiling cauldrons that can toss your boat about and give you a mad, roller coaster ride. Farther along the stretch the waters calm down and you can enjoy a serene ride as you admire the view of ghats and ashrams on the banks of the Ganga. Arrive in Rishikesh where the tour comes to an end and our tour guide bids you a fond farewell.

Tour 3 – White Water Rafting Marine Drive to Rishikesh (26 km stretch) – 1 Night

Marine Drive Beach Camping

Day 1: Rishikesh-Marine Drive
Arrive in Rishikesh to a warm welcome by our tour guide. He escorts you to the group and you get to know the others after which we transfer to the camp in Marine Drive. It is lunchtime and the cook has prepared a hot lunch that will energize you to set out on a trek inside the surrounding jungles or the Waterfalls. You can just as well visit Vashisht Cave. Spend a leisurely afternoon in the enchanting environs and then return to camp for tea and snacks by the campfire. Relax as the cook prepares an alfresco dinner by a bonfire. Retire for the night in your tent.

Day 2: Marine Drive to Rishikesh
The twittering of birds signals dawn. You wake up, enjoy a hot breakfast and then we set out on one of the most exciting and thrilling of boat rides down the 24 km stretch of the Ganges. The turbulent, swirling, madly eddying waters will bounce and toss your boat here and there, much like an uncontrolled roller coaster ride as you navigate various points such as Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Golf Course & Club House, Double trouble, Hilton and Terminator. The expedition is punctuated by stops to allow you to indulge in body surfing and cliff jumping. As the river becomes calmer downstream you can enjoy a delightful view of the banks with their picturesque ashrams and temples. On arrival at Rishikesh the tour ends and our tour guide bids you a fond good bye.

Tour 4 – Shivpuri to Rishikesh White Water Rafting with Jeep Safari – 1 Night, 18 km stretch

Jeep Safari in Rishikesh

Day 1: Rishikesh-Shivpuri
Arrive to a warm welcome in Rishikesh and transfer to Shivpuri. We go on a trek to the beautiful waterfalls and then transfer to the base camp here. A delicious lunch awaits. You rub your tummy with satisfaction. A short while later everyone gets aboard rafts on the white water rafting trip down the Ganges to Rishikesh, about 16 km away. The roller coaster ride takes you across some of the most turbulent and active stretches such as Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Golf Course & Club House. There are stops along the way to enable you to go for body surfing or jump off a cliff. Downriver the waters become calm and you can glide sedately as the ghats, temples and ashrams on the banks pass by. Arrive in Rishikesh where you check into the camp and relax. At night there is a dinner al fresco by a grand bonfire followed by storytelling, jokes and chats with other members before you fall asleep under the star studded canopy.

Day 2: Shivpuri Rock Climbing-Rishikesh-Chilla
Breakfast early and get on a jeep to drive to the Shivpuri Rock Climbing Site. Here, if you are bold and strong enough, you can rappel down a steep rock cliff. An action filled couple of hours later we return to camp for lunch and then proceed to Rishikesh for the Chilla Jeep Safari to Rajaji National Park, about 34 km away. The tour ends thereafter and our guide helps you with onward formalities.

Choise – 2 Nights Stay River Rafting and Camping Tour Packages

Tour 5 – Shivpuri-Rishikesh River Rafting and Camping – 2 Nights 1 Dday

River Rafting in Rishikesh

Day 1: Rishikesh, Neerghar waterfalls
Arrive in Rishikesh where our tour guide welcomes you and takes you straight off to a jungle trek to the Neerghar waterfalls, a distance of 4 km. Later, we check into a camp and have lunch. The afternoon is spent attempting rock climbing and rappelling down steep cliffs. Return to camp by tea time and then relax until dinner time. Sleep under the stars.

Day 2: Shivpuri-Rishikesh River Rafting
Rise as dawn breaks and breakfast. Board the boat for the white water river rafting experience down the roaring and turbulent waters from Shivpuri to Rishikesh, a distance of 16 km. There are some wildly exciting stretches like Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Double Trouble and Return to Sender that will make the boat bob about wildly giving you thrills and chills you never experienced before. The water becomes calm downstream and alight alongside the Ganga. Return to camp and enjoy a superb lunch. Go out to explore the area and return by evening for tea and snacks by a campfire. Dinner follows and you sleep contentedly under the skies.

Day 3: Tour end
Breakfast over, the tour also comes to an end and our guide helps you onward for the return trip home.

Tour 6 – Marine Drive to Rishikesh White Water Rafting Trip – 2 Nights / 1 Day

Ram Jhula

Day 1: Marine Drive to Rishikesh
Welcome to Rishikesh to the warm smile of our tour guide who then puts you together with other members and takes you off on a jungle trek to Neerghar Waterfalls at a distance of 4 km. Later, we return to camp in time for lunch. After lunch activity is rappelling and rock climbing if you are up to it or just wander about if it so pleaes you. Return to camp, explore the area and then join others for a light snack by the campfire. Chat with others and then dine under a canopy of stars.

Day 2: Marine to Ram Jhula white water rafting
Breakfast early as the dawn breaks and then board the inflatable for the wildly careening white water rafting down the frothy turbulent and swirling waters of the Ganges past the Roller Coaster and Golf Course points. There are breaks for cliff jumping and body surfing. After the session we return to camp for lunch and exploration of the surroundings. As the sun dips we have a delightful tea alongside a crackling bonfire. Later, it is dinner under starry skies. Sleep in tents, crickets chirping all around.

Day 3: Tour end
Rise as the sky turns light and have breakfast. The tour ends and our guide assists you with onward departure. You are not likely to forget the thrilling rafting experience. It might just whet your appetite for more.

Tour 7 – Kaudiyala to Rishikesh White Water Rafting Trip – 2 Nights, 34 km stretch

Camping in Rishikesh

Day 1: Rishikesh
Our tour guide welcomes you and takes the group for the jungle trek to the waterfalls, about 4 km away after which we trace our way back to base camp for the evening tea by the bonfire. Rest. Night falls and dinner is served, again around a crackling campfire after which you chat, exchange jokes and pleasantries until it is time to go to sleep.

Day 2: Kaudilya-Shivpuri
Breakfast and proceed to Kaudilya for the wildly exciting 18 km river rafting trip down turbulent swirling rapids. The memorable, madly exhilarating, bobbing boat ride takes you across the Wall, Crossfire, Body Surfing Rapids and Three Blind Mice. The rafting experience on this stretch over, you enjoy lunch, chat and play games until it is time for dinner by a merry bonfire. Sleep blissfully in your tents.

Day 3: Shivpuri-Rishikesh
An early morning breakfast puts you in the mood for the 16 km Shivpuri-Rishikesh stretch that will take you to Ramjhula. This is a stretch of foaming, frothy, turbulent waters. Passengers usually scream and shout as the boat is tossed about wildly. We stop at points along the way to allow you to go body surfing or cliff jumping. Arrive at Ramjhula and then proceed to Rishikesh where the exciting and most thrilling trip comes to a delightful conclusion. The tour guide bids you a fond goodbye and you promise to return.