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Goa Beach

Goa, a tropical paradise is a gift of Mother Nature to India. This coastal state is blessed with numerous natural and artificial charms which will surely mesmerize all your senses. Apart from these treasures, the most striking feature of Goa is its climate. enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year

However, the most perfect time to enjoy the true flavour of Goa is winter season, which begins from October and last till March.
As compare to temperature of summer season, the temperature of winter season ranges from 15 degree to 25 degree Celsius, making it the best season for vacationing in Goa.

Summer – 25 to 40 Celsius
Mansoon – 20 to 30 Celsius Monsoon (June to September) offer heavy to medium rainfalls. The place has its own charm during monsoons, lush greenery and rural holiday in the interiors can be enjoyed during this period.

Winter – 15 to 25 Celsius (October to February) offers pleasant weather and is a peak season for tourists and festivities. It is ideal for perfect holidays and honeymoons. The minimum temperature goes down to 15°C. Sea beaches, sightseeing and water sports can be best enjoyed during this time.

Ideal Time To Visit Goa
Colorful Facet of Goa During Winters
Goa gets ready to welcome large number of holidaymakers from all across the globe. It is that part of the year, when festive season begins in the state and turned entire Goa into a pool of merriment. The most significant of attractions of winter season in Goa are Christmas, New Year Celebrations and Colorful Winter Carnival.

Christmas Celebrations
Similar to other people of world, Goan also loves to celebrate Christmas with utmost joy and gaiety as this is the main festival of Goa. On this occasion, Goa people irrespective of their caste and creed immerse themselves in the festive mood and offers their prayers to Jesus Christ. People of Christian community visit churches and attend the Mass prayers. Later on, they organize Christmas Parties at their home and celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with their loved ones.

New Year Parties

After celebrating Christmas on 25th December, Goa once again rejuvenate itself to welcome New Year with all zeal. Be it a layman or a celeb, everyone loves to visit Goa during New Year as every nooks and corners of the state are bedecked to welcome a fresh new year. On the occasion of new year, each and every hotel and resort of the state adorn themselves and throws glamorous parties for the entertainment of their guests. Apart from these parties which are arranged inside the hotels, some parties are held on the exotic beaches under the starlit sky. These parties are thronged by the party hoppers as they offers golden opportunity for boozing and dancing till the wee hours of morning.