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Goa Carnival

The month of March, ‘Carnival’ – is an event celebrated by Goan Christian community. It is a 3-day festival of fun and merry making and colourful floats, a 3 day orgy just before the 40-day Lenten period of fasting. Huge parades through the cities are organised with bands, floats and dances and balls in the evenings. The final day concludes with the famous red-and-black dance held by the Clube Nacional in Panjim. The origins of carnival are apparently the hedonistic feasts of ancient Rome and Greece. It made its appearance in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, where it metamorphosed into the very Latin singing-dancing. The carnival is presided over by King Momo, who on the opening day declares the countdown to fun and merry making. Hotel bookings must be done in advance for carnival as the festival attracts thousands of tourists. Look at the hotel beaches & resorts guide on this site. This is the best time to visit Goa.

Goa’s lifestyle is best experienced during the winter months between October and end of February. At any other time, you’re likely to either roast under the sun or find yourself threatened by the downpour of the seasonal monsoon rains that lash the state between the months: June – August and a little in September. The months of January, February and March are the best for witnessing Hindu festivals and celebrations. January has the colourful festival of Shantadurga Prassana, February, the 3-day zatra of Shri Mangueshi, and in March is the festival of Holi, called Shigmo.