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Have a quick look at some important Health precautions that you can follow while visiting the land of beaches – Goa to relish your trip to the max.

1- Carry your sunscreen lotion and necessary medicines like for a health condition like diabetes, bronchitis, asthma while you are traveling in Goa.
2- Do not roam around barefoot as it might give you fungal and parasitic infection.
3- If you have to undertake any emergency medical help, always insist for sterilized and disposable syringes. This will guard you against HIV infections.
4- Don’t take food from unknown people while traveling on trains and buses since they might make you feel drowsy.
5- Insist to eat at clean and hygienic places and roadside stalls.
6- Use bottled mineral water from decent shops since most health complications occur due to drinking contaminated water.
7- Keep drinking water or juices every now and then to keep yourself well hydrated and fresh, since you might feel a bit hot at the noon.

Beach Safety:
Read the signboards and follow the instructions before entering the water. Be careful when wading at the beach undertow riptide currents can be strong. Consult the lifeguards for safe areas to swim. Nudidity on beaches and public places is strictly prohibited

General Safety:

Contact nearest Govt or India/State Govt. Tourist