Discover Architectural Opulence of the Great Living Chola Temples

Discover architectural opulence at its best with the heritage trail of the great living Chola temples in Tamil Nadu. The train reaches Thanjavur in the hour before sunrise. It’s the hour of the Gods. The very air seems to resonate with the sounds of worship even as great flocks of birds call to each other as they fly across the […]

Tripping for Adventure Sports in Manali and Shimla

If you are an adventure lover then the stiff hilly slopes and rugged terrains of the Himachal have lots to offer to you. The Melting ice from the snow-capped peaks of Shimla and Manali also gives rise to many gurgling rivulets and rivers that widen the scope and prospects of the adventures you could enjoy out there. From ice skating […]

Top Goa Festivals for Revelry

To grasp the mood of carnival and revelry in Goa, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, try visiting the destination at the festival time. The Goa Festivals are truly unique in nature and perfectly mirror a style, a culture that’s free and quite singular in its own way. You would love the frenzy; the adrenaline rush you would feel during the […]

A Wintry White Experience in Kashmir

Similar to the majority of the tropical countries India too gives a warm welcome to the winter times with many places still using air conditioners and sunglasses. This time of the year offers relief from the heat and humidity of the summer and monsoon months with all the woolen clothes out to beat the sheets of icy cold winds in […]

Namaste: The Timeless Greeting with A World of Meaning

Hi hello hola aloha Ola Hey Yo Dsao Nee Hau, Konnichi Wa….Namaste You can greet a person in about 2790 languages. Greetings are the first point of contact and can be a defining moment in a relationship. It can express your attitude and your approach. It can say a lot about your outlook on people. A casual “Hi”, for example, […]

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