23 Best Places to Visit in Gaya for Spiritual Escape

Gaya, or the revered Gaya Kshetra, is more than a city – it’s a haven for the spirits of Lord Buddha and Lord Vishnu, drawing devotees and wanderers from every corner of the globe. There are many heritage and spiritual sites in Gaya to explore and be immersed in the very soul of Gaya. The city’s name echoes the presence […]

General Travel Information about Gaya

Gaya is an important tourist destination dotted with various relics and manifestations of Lord Buddha’s omnipresence out there once upon a time. For Buddhists, Gaya is indeed an important destination of pilgrimage. If you too wish to feel the same peace and serenity that we often feel after going through the Buddhist scriptures, Gaya is one place that you should […]

Bodh Gaya – A site of Enlightened

Spiritual Sojourns The centre of the Buddhist Universe, Bodh Gaya helps one understand the message of the enlightened one. We stood amid the ruins of an ancient Stupa that rested like a crumpled crown on the summit of a little mound that overlooked the dry Falgu River. And as dusk cast its veil like a soothing balm over the sun-scorched […]