The Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa

Konark home to the Sun Temple, amazing one third of Orissa Golden Triangle. Temples, architectural and cultural tours are some of rich enticing travel attractions Konark has to offer. History of Konark The history of Konark in the eastern region of India is entwined with the legendary Sun Temple. The name itself has meaning related to the Sun-Konark a combination […]

Art Music and Dance of Orissa

One of the most primitive aspects in art, music and dance are the art forms known to the mankind since time immemorial. Music and dance are deeply ingrained in any society universally. In Hindu mythology, the cosmic dance performance or the Tandava Nritya of Lord Shiva and the stories of Lord Krishna dancing with Radha and Gopis are popular myths. […]

Chandipur, Balasore, Orissa

Balasore was a bustling port established by British in 1642 and was an important maritime trading port also with Dutch and French, but lost its importance because the port had silted up in the 18th century. Ruins of some Dutch tombs and remnants of some old canals which led to the sea (13 km away) can still be seen. Today […]

Places of Tourist Attraction in Orissa

Odisha or Orissa is one of the most diverse lands of the country that offers religious and geographic sites for tourists. It is rich in culture and welcoming local folks that will impress any visitor. The following lines will offer guidance in finding the best tourist spots of this region. Odisha which was earlier called Orissa is an interesting holiday […]

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