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India is a melting pot of various religions, traditions, cultures, and beliefs which works together to create a remarkable experience for all types of travellers. No matter where you are travelling from India welcomes you with bright smiles and open arms and leaves you with a lifetime worth of memories which may even want you to keep coming back for more. With Namaste India Trip which is the best holiday packages company in India you can plan successful tours and travels in India depending on your wish like relaxing, sightseeing, adventure activities, and others. From Yoga Packages, Ayurvedic Spa Packages, and Pilgrimage Tour Packages to a lot more customizable options your Holiday in India is guaranteed to be a success with us.

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Top Holiday Destinations in India

India is home to endless holiday destinations where one can have an incredible gala time throughout the year. Whether if we talk about the gorgeous coastlines in the south, stunning Himalaya Ranges in the north, Bay of Bengal in the East, and the Gulf of Kutch in the west, all the regions are adorned with gorgeous and alluring landscapes. No matter whether you are a student doing hard work, a corporate employee, a self-employed woman, or a house maker, you all need a break from your daily schedule to rejuvenate your mind or soul. Hurry up! And plan a holiday with your family, friends or loved ones.

Chota Char Dham Yatra

Inarguably, Char Dham in Uttarakhand is one of the most acclaimed pilgrimages in India which holds a great significance in Hinduism. The circuit comprises of four holy shrines tucked at great elevations and in four different directions and also dedicated to four different gods and goddesses. Yamunotri is the first stopover in the circuit where pilgrims pay homage to Goddess Yamuna and then drive towards Gangotri dedicated to River Ganga, Kedarnath comes third in the line and is reckoned as a prime destination of Shiva worshippers and this divine journey concludes at Badrinath dedicated to Lord Badri, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


Perched at an extreme elevation of 3300 meters above the sea level, Badrinath Shrine is dedicated to Lord Badri an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Being a part of both Char Dham and Chota Char Dham, Badrinath holds great importance in Hinduism.

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One of the prominent destinations of worshippers with belief in Lord Shiva, Kedarnath is nestled at an altitude of 3584 meters above the sea level and is popular for its interesting mythologies which are written beautifully in many Hindu epics.

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Tucked at an elevation of 3042 meters above the sea level, Gangotri is one of the most acclaimed and important pilgrimages in Char Dham. Located in Uttarkashi district, Gangotri is studded with picturesque surroundings and peaceful aura.

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Dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, the second holiest river in the country Yamunotri is perched at an astounding altitude of 3293 meters above the sea level. the most cherished, challenging, and Spiritual Journey of Char Dham commences from Yamunotri itself.

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Book International Tour Packages From India

Give your holidays a twist by going on a fun and thrilling international tour at the best available deals. Experience new horizons and explore some of the most interesting places which will not fail to fascinate you and your loved ones. All our Packages for International Trips will allow you to have some of the most memorable and unique vacations at the best rates. No longer is going abroad a distant dream you can now easily go on an International Holiday Tour by booking your packages now. Give your families and loved ones a Holiday of a lifetime by exploring these top international tourist destinations.

Choose Your Style Of Themes Holiday

Are you looking forward to visiting the exquisite wildlife sanctuaries and national parks? Have you ever been to any of the sporting destinations anywhere in the world? Are you tired of following the same schedule for the entire month and looking for some casual weekend destinations? Are you a newly married couple and looking for the best romantic destination to take your partner along with? If you are looking for any of these travel themes then you are at the very right place as Namaste India Trip avails you the facility to select the best-budgeted package as per your style or theme of the holiday.

Experience the Best of India

India is not a country where tourists come to see but is the country where visitors come to feel, to get enriched by the incredible aura spread in the ambiance. Tourists flocking to this country come with a hope of spotting the things as they really are, with a belief of cleansing their body and soul by leaving oneself far behind from this dreamy world and to reach on the top of the spiritual height by visiting some of the majestic temples located amidst the panoramic landscapes and adorned with serenity and tranquility sprawling in the air.

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