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We are not sure you really understood us, since one comes across the salutation everywhere these days. Not everyone is aware of its deeper meaning though. So, let us say it again.

‘The Divine in us salutes the Divine in you.

We at Namaste India let our actions be lead by the light contained in our name itself! We are a bunch of Travel enthusiasts striving to bridge the gaps between you and the vast, wide world whose mysteries invite you to explore her further. We believe everyone deserves to make their travel dreams come true. We believe travel brings the world closer, lets us truly experience the world as one single family, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. We are passionate about bringing you closer to Mother Earth and sharing the deep reverence we share for Her benevolent bounty and sacred natural beauty. We love letting you truly feel the underlying unity across the diversities that make up this glorious plurality of our motherland India.

A thousand adventures await you as you let yourself be drawn by the myriad joys travel has in store for you. So why wait further to tread towards your desired destination with your loved ones? After all, ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that leaves you richer’. Explore the beautiful mystery of this world via the safe, easy and fun way with Namaste India Trips. We are experts at organising small groups and escorting them to their preferred vacation-spots. So are we at customizing individualized trips to suit your unique preferences. . We don’t stop at letting you enjoy sightseeing alone, we let you immerse in the native culture of our tourist destinations.

The question isn’t merely where you want to go. It is also how. And when you choose us, we let you travel carefree, fun and easy, we let your travel be meaningful, we let you fall in love with your journey.

Yes, we love building love-stories between people and their desired destinations.

Our passion in tailoring the best trips for our esteemed customers has rendered our name extremely trustworthy over the many years of our functioning. Be it adventure, bhakti, education, exploration, ethnic exposure, luxurious indulgence, nature-love, sight-seeing, spirituality or romantic love that drives your desire for travel, Namaste India’s esteemed ex-clientele would vouch for us when we claim we can help make your trip as beautiful, convenient and delightful as you wish for.

That must be why most of our customers leave us as friends.

So when do you want to travel with us? After all, ‘To travel is to live’. Truly so.

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