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Position Skills / Competencies Experience Qualification Location Branch Vacancies Apply
Field Executive we require a hard working, honest male candidate possessing good convincing skills as well as their own mode of conveyance and a laptop. 1-3 yrs & Above Graduation All India Different Location 60 Bttn Apply
SEO Expert should have proven records of optimizing and improving the keywords. Should be dedicated towards developing SEO strategies, have a deep understanding of on page and off page SEO. 2 years & Above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Web Developer HTML & CSS, Web Protocols, JavaScript, Web Technologies & Frameworks, Command Line, APIs, Version Control / Git, Database, Security, Web Services. 2 years & Above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Coral Draw & Video Maker Excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Corel Draw. Good knowledge of latest designing software’s are must. Branding, Visualization, UI Designer, Photoshop, Animation, Illustrator. 1 years & Above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Operation Executive should possess impeccable negotiation and interpersonal skills along with sound knowledge and history in the field of online bookings of hotels, flights, tours etc. 2 years & Above Graduate  Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Content writer should have impeccable and flawless English writing skills. Must also be fluent in grammar and should be able to produce fresh, new and unique content. 1 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Sales -Outbound should have flawless speaking skills and posses incredible interpersonal skills. Should be able to communicate with confidence, and without hesitation. 2 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Marketing Executive We are looking for a hard working, talented and , honest male candidate to undertake marketing projects for the benefit of our company. possessing good convincing skills as well as their own mode of conveyance and a laptop. 1-3 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 1 Bttn Apply
Finance and accounts manager should have very strong relationship management skills along with the ability to solve any sort of owner issues. The person should also possess analytical skills like understanding recon and the revenue levers. 2 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Finance and accounts executive have strong commanding skills and the ability to create and maintain interpersonal relationships. Should possess the ability to oversee the smooth running of productivity as well as have good communication skills. 2 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply
Visa and passport services executive should have idea about proper documentation and should be capable of handling the walk in counter. You should possess good set of communication skills along with a strong sense of problems solving attitude. 2 Years & above Graduate Delhi Janakpuri 2 Bttn Apply

Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. is an award winning company that has managed to build a legacy of trust and solid dependability in the ever changing travel market. We make sure that our team is treated with the respect they deserve with a promise of incredible growth in the future. We offer excellent opportunities to dynamic and talented for broadening your horizons and attain the heights of your success which will prove to be beneficial not only to you but to the company as well.

Industry Best Pay Brackets
At Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. we offer great incentives and the best salary packages in the business for our valued employees. We can definitely match the best paying packages in the travel industry and for the right candidate salary is not a bar for us. Our sales reservation staff earn upwards than 10,000$ per year. If you are looking for great earning packages then this is the best place.

Sell Exotic Travel Packages
Sales in the travel sector can become a bit monotonous if the usual travel packages are offered. However we at Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. offer our employees the chance to sell exciting packages comprising of exotic destinations. You would be selling packages that would cover interesting places for holiday not only in India but also internationally. We always encourage our employees to use their creativity in thinking up newer and exciting packages for our customers like our fun weekend getaways, group tours and whole plethora of other packages which will never go out of style.

Become a Global travel expert
Because of razor sharp insight and vast depth of knowledge we inculcate as an enterprise we at Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. offer our employees the opportunity to become global area specialists. You can choose to develop your knowledge and experience in an area of your choice like a Spiritual Tour specialist or an Idyllic Island Curator or an Africa Travel Expert. We have specific training courses, structured course material and quiz programs that can help you become a knowledge expert.

Develop Your Educational Base
We give our employees unique and valuable skill development opportunities. Our team of experts and panel of trainers, who are available at all times for your assistance will hone your soft and hard skills till you become the best in your area of specialization. Of course you understand how valuable these experiences will be when you want to increase your earning potential and career. Working with Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. will propel you along a path of holistic career development.

Opportunities for management training
At Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. we have a well developed career advancement program which walks hand in hand with our policies of internal sourcing for management positions. If you have the eagerness to learn, the right disposition and relevant skill set then you will get an opportunity for advancing towards management positions as we can incorporate in or management development program. Internal promotions are encouraged in our enterprises.

Travel Opportunities
We have specialized departments at Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. owing to our sharp focus on tourism hotspots all across the world. We have multiple international office locations and you can opt for applying for a transfer to your chosen destination. We can also give you an opportunity to work with our overseas suppliers and travel connections. At Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. Travel is a passion and we encouraging our employees to travel and imbibe the spirit of tourism.

Excellent Internal Support
As an employee of Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. you will always get the benefit of being in a cohesively supportive network. You can maximize your selling objectives along with intellectual as well as professional development options by working with us. We have good support in accounting, ticketing, hr, IT, administration and graphic departments. We will offer intensive support at every step to ensure that you achieve your sales target.

Benefit from advanced technology
At Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. we have always used and possessed a superior knowledge of technology and this accounts for our high standing in the dynamic travel industry. We have a great next generation phone system and a state of the art reservation system. Our staff, customers and business associates all benefit from our technological investments which help us in generating more revenue for our organization.

Enjoy your Mondays here
At Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. you will actually discover that Mondays are fun as the work environment is extremely exciting and dynamic here. We have a whole bunch of fun events happening throughout the year. These events can be diwali celebrations, birthday celebrations, ganesh chaturthi and so much more. We behave, function and act as a friendly family unit.

“Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd” presently occupies a pride of place in the business being one of the leading destination management company in India. The Company is having its registered and corporate Office in New Delhi with 5 Branch offices (Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Uttarakhand), which is engaged in making travel more comfortable and organized.

We are Approved Tour operator and ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Company.

We are Recognized and Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

We Have Got Best pilgrimage tour Operator Award 2018

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