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1. Refer one of your friends to Namaste India Trip Pvt Ltd

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2. They will enjoy 1500 off their first booking with us!

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3. We will gift you Rs 2000 off your next booking with us!

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4. Repeat. Again. Again. Again. There's no limit!*

At Namaste India, we believe that to travel is to truly live! But the real joy of travel, of anything in life for that matter, is in its being shared with one’s beloved ones. What if the joy of sharing travel comes with added financial benefits? This is exactly what our new Refer-a-Friend Rewards Program promises to do! We will gift you a plain Rs 2000 reduction in your future booking with us for every friend whom you sends our way. Additionally, your friend will enjoy a sharp Rs 1500 reduction in their first booking with us. How cool is that?!! And yep, there is actually no limit to how much discount you can enjoy. Refer 2, 3, 5, 10….100….and enjoy corresponding benefits. (Total discount = number of friends referred * 2000 Rs)


What if there’s a possibility that you might actually be able to travel for free? For example, if you refer ten friends and earn Rs 20,000 then you can redeem all your referral credits on a single trip!

Are you worried you cannot make time for travel and your referral credits are being wasted? Do not worry. You can transfer your unused credits to anyone of your choice! Let your friends of family enjoy the benefits of your generosity!


Your referral credits last for three years! Yes, you heard us right. You have ample time to use your credits.

Let us now explain how the reward program works:

  • You must have travelled with Namaste India Trip before. You have been our client/guest.
  • The person you refer should be a new traveller with us.
  • Your friend books one of our awesome Tour Packages.
  • Your friend reports that you have referred our services to them and gives us your name, email and phone number either at the time of booking or within seven days.
  • We will let them enjoy Rs 1500 discount to their bills.
  • By the time your friend finishes their travel with us, you will hear from us issuing RS 2000 in credits.
  • You can enjoy the discount in your future purchase with us. Or you can gift it to one of your friends/family.

Do you have further questions about the reward program? Please ask us by phone or mail. We would love to hear from you.

The Fine Print

* Now that you understood how it works, let us repeat the rules once again so as to make sure you get us right.

  • In order to enjoy the benefits of the program, you must have been our previous client. You should have finished at least one travel with us. If you have booked a travel with us but haven’t yet been on the journey, and you refer somebody to us well before your scheduled departure, then we will issue you Rs 2000 credit which can be redeemed only after the trip is finished. Thus, you won’t be offered any discount in that trip, but you can redeem the reward in your next travel with us.
  • We will issue you a mail when you are found eligible for the rewards program. This email will be considered the record of the credits you earn from us.
  • Only one past traveller can claim rewards for every new traveller. i.e if you are new traveller, you can name only one traveller as having been the referrer.
  • Those whom you refer should be new to us. They should neither have travelled with us before, nor should have an existing booking for future travel.
  • Your name, email address and phone number should be provided by the referred traveller either at the time of booking or within 7 days after they book with us. If they fail to notify us of you within seven days, both of you might lose the benefits of the program.
  • After we verify that you have travelled with us plus your referred friend is a totally new guest for us, we will apply Rs 1500 discount to their billing. IF they have already paid in full while they were booking, then we will refund Rs 1500 to their account.
  • Can I really travel for free? Yes! With enough referrals, you might just be able to enjoy a totally free trip with us! You can add up all your credits and redeem them in a single go in your Namaste India Trip Pvt Ltd invoice. (It is understood that we are not considering your personal expenses and other miscellaneous costs that the invoice does not include)
  • Redeeming Credits : Accumulate as many credits as you like towards a new booking. If your credits exceed the total value of the trip, then your credits would be carried over to your next trip with us. You can use the credit for yourself, your fellow traveller or someone else provided you notify us in writing of your decision to gift the credit to the concerned party.
  • Credits cannot be redeemed by cash. They are only valid for 3 years i.e 36 months from the date of booking.
  • We reserve the rights to amend, alter or discontinue the rewarding program at any time without any further notification.