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Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Booking

The ancient temple of Triyuginarayan is a very popular pilgrimage hub located amidst the gently rolling hills and lush greenery. This humble-looking temple packs loads of spiritual and religious value for its devotees since this is where Lord Shiva had entered into holy eternal matrimony with goddess Parvati. It graces the holy district of Rudraprayag and due to its proximity to the holy Char Dham Temple of Kedarnath, a visit to this temple is often clubbed together. Triyuginarayan has always been a focal point for temple worship in the Himalayas and because of its religious inclination, the temple has now become one of the favorite wedding destinations in Uttarakhand.

About Triyuginarayan

As the name suggests Triyuginarayan is made up of 2 words, tri meaning three and Yugi meaning 3 periods of time. Just like its name, the temple is replete with mystical wonders and charm that has managed to stand the test of time. The temple is extremely important among devotees of Lord Shiva and Hindus from all over the world for its religious fervor and spiritual values.

Located in the district of Rudraprayag and blessed with lush green gently rolling hills on all sides, everything about the temple is extremely thought-provoking, beautiful, and inspires a feeling of unending serenity. Recently the temple has gained popularity and attention as a wedding destination on the hills.

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We understand that weddings are a lot of work, but we make sure that this rather stressful time is reduced to a time for comfort and spending a good time with family on the hills. What’s better than getting married on the hills in the presence of the lord, at the place where the divine and ever-present gods and goddesses got married in the company of people you love.

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Wedding at Triyuginarayan Temple

Still not convinced? Check out these beautiful wedding pictures that took place in Triyuginarayan.

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