Top 20 Tourist Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island country of Sri Lanka is popular for its unmatched beauty and soul stirring mountain peaks. It has rich background of historical significance for travelers from all over the world. From the happening city life to the serene beaches and the well preserved unique culture is what gives a visit to Sri Lanka a personality of its own. […]

Exploring Colombo – Right From the Streets

The alluring hotspot is an incredible site for get-away all during the time on account of its great tropical climate, lovely attractions, swanky shopping, magnificent feasting, exceptional inns and that’s just the beginning! It is likewise residence a few provincial structures constructed by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. You should not miss to visit pretty and glorious places of worship […]

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

If you are Traveling to Sri Lanka you have to take into account, some of the basic tips to make your visit a complete. Best time to visit this glorious country is between the months of December to March. Once you are in the country to make a visit to an Ayurvedic spa using herbal plants to treat illness. Even […]

Driving in Sri Lanka For Visiting Foreigners, Tourist & Expats

Are you looking for an experience in Sri Lanka which is one of a kind and different from the regular old ways of travelling? Do you want to truly experience the beauty and authenticity of this classy island nation? Then there is no better way than to drive your way through in Sri Lanka. This is the best way of […]

3 Significant Bentota Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Tucked away in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean is the magnificent island of Sri Lanka. Home to some of the amazing places, Sri Lanka comes as one of the most interesting locations to visit. In essence, you cannot fail to have a memorable moment with a visit to Sri Lanka. Visitors coming to Sri Lanka for the first […]

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