3 Significant Bentota Places To Visit In Sri Lanka


Tucked away in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean is the magnificent island of Sri Lanka. Home to some of the amazing places, Sri Lanka comes as one of the most interesting locations to visit. In essence, you cannot fail to have a memorable moment with a visit to Sri Lanka. Visitors coming to Sri Lanka for the first time are often spoilt for choice. One of the most amazing locations that you should never leave out is the amazing Bentota. Located in the south of Aluthgama, Bentota is a clutch of great resorts, exciting activities and outstanding array of places to visit. If you are not sure about where to go while in Bentota, here is a list of three great and amazing places that you must plan to visit. For more information about Sri Lanka Tour Packages online booking tour please visit.

Bentota Ganga
This is one of the most famous locations in Bentota. Bentota Ganga provides a spectacular location for the largest range of water sports. These water sports come with an array of captivating boat trips up and down the river. In essence, the Bentota Ganga is a river that snakes its way through the captivating sites and scenes. As you navigate through this region, you will encounter some of the rare animal species in the world. In addition, the experience will give you an opportunity to sample the benefits of being in a clean and warm environment.

The Brief Garden
It would be a great disservice to your visit in Bentota if you fail to visit the magnificent Brief Garden. This garden is a spectacular work of design that was done by a renowned landscape artist by the name of Bevis Bawa. Some of the famous features that attract hundreds of visitors to this location include the alcoves, nooks and the bowers. The Brief garden is an enthralling location that is home to impeccably designed landscape. As a visitor, you will not help but notice the beautifully manicured lawns that were inspired by the colonialists. Furthermore, this location is home to other famous artists from Sri Lanka. A visit to the Brief Garden will give you a rare chance to be part of the spectacular location as you see great works of art and design.

The Paradise Island
Set between the Bentota River and the calm sea, the Paradise Island is such a gem to behold. This location is famous for its tranquil environment in one of the serene locations in Bentota. The natural environment perfectly blends into nature leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Furthermore, Paradise Island offers some of the best facilities in terms of cottages. Alongside the cottages within this pristine location, you will get a rare opportunity to enjoy the Ayurveda therapies. The sense of privacy enhances the overall meditation experience within the paradise.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, ensure that you have these locations as part of your itinerary. In addition, it is important to make prior arrangements for the Sri Lanka Visas for ease of movement from one location to another.



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