Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

The land of India is full of natural resources and vegetation spread across the entire territory. And this allows wildlife species of various types to flourish in this land. The government of India has made provision for preserving many endangered species through wildlife sanctuaries and the writer discusses these places. There is a unique appeal in discovering the various wildlife […]

Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is about palaces, forts, deserts, camels, handicrafts, colorful dresses all fused together in a vibrant culture that does not fail to impress and enchant. Think of Rajasthan and you conjure up images of royal palaces, magnificent forts and vast stretches of sand. There is mystique in the land of maharajas. Swirling sand storms give way to whirling of voluminous […]

Famous Lakes of Uttarakhand

Lakes reflect the Heavens and Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods, is also blessed with a bounty of lakes or Tals as they are known, aptly underlining its importance as a place of indescribable natural beauty. Some will wonder why certain regions have been so overpoweringly blessed with the bounties of Nature but we should all be thankful to God that […]

Top 10 Adventure Places In India

India is well-known for providing variety of treats to its tourists. Be it a romantic holiday or a pilgrimage. It also has a treasure of places for adventurous tours. From the north to south and from west to east, there are regions for different adventures that you can try out. The land of India is popular for rich heritage and […]

India Best Ayurveda Destinations

India, the home of Ayurveda, is now also fast turning into a leading Ayurveda destination as people all over the world realize the holistic health benefits of this natural way of life. Ayurveda originated in India more than 5000 years ago and is part of the Rigveda according to some pundits while others believe it to be a part of […]

Popular Hill Stations in South India

Owing to closeness with the Himalayas the northern part of India is home to several fascinating and intriguing hill stations but the southern part of the country also has its fair share of beautiful hill stations. Read on to learn about the 10 best hill stations in south India. The Southern part of India has many fascinating hill stations that’ll […]

Binsar Hill Station in Uttarakhand

If you wish to refresh your mind, spirits and soul amid the thickets of Rhododendrons, cool mountain breeze and alpine woods, then the Binsar hill resort of Uttarakhand is one ideal destination to give you the retreat from the fever and fret of life. Find all necessary info below. Travelling To the Mystic Binsar Binsar, with its setting in the […]

Places of Tourist Attraction in Orissa

Odisha or Orissa is one of the most diverse lands of the country that offers religious and geographic sites for tourists. It is rich in culture and welcoming local folks that will impress any visitor. The following lines will offer guidance in finding the best tourist spots of this region. Odisha which was earlier called Orissa is an interesting holiday […]

10 Tourist Places in Jammu and Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir offers the best holiday destination owing to the geographic beauty and serene landscape of the place. This land is filled with natural treasures that attract tourists to the region over and over again. The lines below cite the 10 best places of this destination. The land of Jammu and Kashmir has been designated as […]

Hampi – The land of Myth & Spirituality

Hampi is nothing short of cultural poetry. Home to evocative medieval ruins of the Vijaynagar Empire and the capital of three generations of Hindu rulers, Hampi reached the height of its glory under the rule of Krishnadevaraya in the 16th century. Hampi in Karnataka It is a place that the discerning traveller lingers over. Not least because this UNESCO-accredited World […]