Plan a Trip to Kangaroo Island – Australia’s Wildest Natural Reserve

Kangaroo Island is the dream destination of all true animal lovers. It is Australia’s third-largest island, with about 3,900 people living on it. The major attractions of Kangaroo Island are gathered at the Flinders Chase National Park, the Lathami Conservation Park, Seal Bay and Kelly’s Caves. Let us help you plan your trip to this wonderland.
Kangaroo Island
Basic Homework
Before planning a trip to Kangaroo Island, call up or write to the Visitor Information of Tourism Kangaroo Island. You’ll find the contact information on their website, The site also contains other important information, useful maps and tips on how to find good tour companies and accommodation.

How to Plan For Your Trip
In order that you don’t regret not experiencing everything that Kangaroo Island offers, it is best to plan your time spend before you actually get here.

  • Focus on common areas of interest within your family
  • Determine the things you want to see and do
  • Check with the tourism department about local tours and the best ones to take
  • Estimate cost of touring and budget your holiday

Best Time to Go
The South Australian climate is reasonably temperate, which means you want to avoid peak summer and winter. This means it’s best not to travel during January and February (extreme summer) and July to August (extreme winter). All other months are ok for travel.

Activities for Kids
01. Take Your Kids to the Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre
Here they can enjoy looking at little seahorses, Little Penguins, Giant Cuttlefish, and more. Let them enjoy Kangaroo Island’s underwater world via saltwater aquariums.

02. Take Your Kids to the Penneshaw Penguin Centre
Take them on a viewing platform walk so that they can see the enchanting Little Penguins in their native habitats up close for 45 minutes. There’s also an interpretive center where they can learn more about Little Penguins.

03. Take Your Kids to the Lashmar Conservation Park
Take your kids canoeing on the Chapman River to spot the Black Swans and Pelicans at the estuary. This is an ideal spot for swimming, bird watching and fishing.

04. Take Them on Nocturnal Tours
Take your kids on an educational Guided Nocturnal Tour at The Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to watch koalas in the wild, climbing up and down tall gum trees. Don’t miss the 2.5 hour nocturnal tour of the Little Penguin colony in Kingscote; you’ll also find Kangaroos, Brush-tailed Possums and Wallabies there.

Activities for Family
01. Visit Baudin Conservation Park
The park has many exciting ruins that go back to the early colonial period, plus some great views. Check out the rocks by the sea which are worn into enchanting shapes and colored bright orange by lichen.

02. Visit Cape Willoughby
This heritage-listed, first Australian lighthouse was built to light the Backstairs Passage between Kangaroo Island and the mainland. In the right season, you can see migratory whales moving in and around the wrecks. Check out the collection of old photos and original lighthouse equipment at the Cape Willoughby Park Visitor Centre Museum.

03. Explore the Kangaroo Island Shipwreck Trail
A number of ships sank off the coastline even though the Cape Willoughby lighthouse was meant the wrecks from happening. You can see the remnants of these shipwrecks still under water, on the Kangaroo Island Shipwreck trail. You can even dive down to inspect them close up if you want.