Tirupati Temple: Richest and Most Popular Temple in India

The Tirupati Temple in India is considered to be the most sacred and the richest temple in the world. This is a highly worshipped temple in the Southern part of the country and is a major pilgrimage center in South India.

This place is located 67 km from Chittoor in Tirupati, which is a district in the southern tip of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is said to be located on a hill in Tirumala. This is a conglomeration of seven hills which are known as “Seshachalam and Venkatachalam” which are 853m above the sea level.

About the Temple

Tirupati Temple
This temple is known for its “vibrant and colorful culture which also speaks volumes about its grand past.

Pilgrims have to climb the hill before they get onto the worshipping place, and this is not an easy task. It is believed that those who have immense faith and trust in God have only been able to make their way without any assistance and problem to the “doors of the temple”.

This temple is known to be the richest temple in the world. It is believed that “people drop bags of diamonds at the feet of Sri Venkateswara (the temple of Tirupati). Devotees from far and wide come to worship here.

The Architecture of the Temple

The temple reflects the ancient Dravidian style of architecture. The main highlight of the temple is the “Gopuram”. The Vimana or the Cupola which is also known as the “Ananda Nilayam” is placed over the “sanctum sanctorum”. This is completely veiled with a gold plate.

The temple has three “Prakarams” which means enclosures. Among these the most important one is the “Dhvajastambha” which is the banner post.

The idol which is worshipped here is a representation of both “Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva”. In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is considered to be the preserver of the universe, while Lord Shiva is believed to be the destroyer.

What Happens in the Temple?

A normal day at the temple begins with the “Suprabhatam” which means the “awakening of the Lord”. This happens as early as possible in the morning. Next, the day ends at the temple with the “Ekanta Seva”, which is putting the Lord off to sleep. This happens around 1 ‘o’ clock at night.

Devotees offer their prayers on a daily, weekly and periodically whereas the priests offer their daily prayers and chants the entire day long. The prayers take place in the form of “Sevas” and “Utsavams” to the Lord. Devotees pay homage to the Lord by donating small amounts on their name in the same. These gifts and donations which are offered to the “deities” are called as “Hundis”. These are the main source of income for the temple.

Festivals Held in the Temple

The temple celebrates many festivals but the prime one is the annual festival which is known as the “Brahmotsavam”. This is a very important festival and is celebrated with much enthusiasm for almost nine days in the month of September. The much known “Garudostavam and Rathotsavam” festivals are held on the fifth and the sixth day of the festival. This festival attracts tourists from all around the country.

How to Reach the Temple

You can take a flight from Hyderabad, Chennai or Bangalore to Renigunta which is 15 km away from the Temple. From there you can hire a cab, take a bus or an auto rickshaw and reach the temple.

The place is also connected through rail. The nearest station is the Tirupati station. Train services are available from Hubli, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Puri, Tiruchirappalli, Vijayawada and Varanasi.

The temple is also well connected by road. You can hire a cab or take a bus from Hyderabad which is 617 km, Bangalore which is 248 km, Chennai which is 151 km, Vijayawada which is 380 km, and Lepakshi which is 379 km away.