Top 20 Tourist Places to Visit in Maldives

This tropical paradise on the Indian Ocean is truly a mark of pristine nature and the untouched beauty. Home to around 1,000 coral reefs, white soft white beaches, exotic cafes etc. The Maldives radiates an aura of extreme luxury and romance. Ever since its discovery, this beach destination has been on every travellers and honeymoon goer’s wanderlust list.

If you are planning on a tropical getaway to this exotic land where the breathtaking nature coexists in peace with the unending glimmering blue ocean, then here are the places you must visit:

1. Como Cocoa Island

Como Cocoa Island
A sign of sheer luxury and encircled with an aura of carefree vibe this place boasts of 33 interesting beachside villas on top of the white soft sand. This posh private island also makes you feel a lot more spirituality due to the presence of holistic centres here. Get a spa treatment and spend your days sipping on delicious tropical drinks and savour on some of the most top-notch cuisines at the restaurant here. You can even take a closer look at the fisherman population that resides here and used the water body here for commercial purposes.

Things to Do: Swimming, snorkelling, diving, walking by the seashore, gazing at the sea, getting spa treatments etc.

2. Baros Island

Baros Island
This lush island canopy which is truly a mark of the real Maldivian legends. The turquoise water is so clear that you will be able to see the sea floor and the towering palm tree overlooking the sunbathers on the white beach sides will allow you to have a relaxing time. Just 25 minutes of a speedboat ride away from the airport this place is one of the most loved out of all the Maldives resorts and an ideal location to spend some time with your loved ones here.

Things to Do: Explore the underwater life, get rejuvenating spa experience, indulge in delectable dining etc.

3. Emboodhu Finolhu Island

Emboodhu Finolhu Island
This island is probably one of the best representations of upmarket luxury at its best and is located in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the world. With the villas stretching out into the clear blue sea and waking up every day to the incredible sight of the ocean is an experience you need to have at least once in a lifetime. The island looks like an oasis in the middle of the sea and is known of its amazing peace and calm environment. If you are looking to escape to a place away from the crowded tourist places then this is the place you are looking for.

Things to Do: Cycling on the boardwalk /in the island, indulge in beach activities, sunbathing, market walks etc.

4. Mirihi Island

Mirihi Island
The luxurious resort in the thriving green island of Mihiri is created for everyone looking to have a detoxing experience. This is due to the absence of TV sets anywhere on this island which solely focuses on providing a haven of solitude and peace away from the bustle of the city of life and noise. The island is the perfect place for people on their honeymoon to spend some peaceful time here complete with Adam and eve spa treatment centres. It contains around 30 different water villas and is famous primarily for the delicious food here and an overall romantic ambience.

Things to Do: Snorkelling, water sports activities, spa treatments, food walks, spending some peaceful time in nature etc.

5. Male Island

Male Island
This is the famous capital island of Maldives and being the capital of one of the most exotic locations in the world it is everything you expect it to be. It is one of the most incredible cultural and happening Hubs and is a great place if you wish on going on some sightseeing exploration. A visit to the protected ocean pool here is a must and the artificial beach here offers you another opportunity to indulge in some added fun activities. If you wish on exploring more of this amazing island holiday destination then a visit to Male is a must.

Things to Do: Scooter riding and snorkelling, sightseeing to places like the tsunami monument, Grand Friday mosque, male fish market, sultan mosque etc.

6. Huvahendhoo Island

Huvahendhoo Island
This island destination containing stunning sceneries of the pristine surrounding is a great place to rejuvenate yourself with your family as well. The awe-inspiring sights here also works well in providing children with a memorable holiday experience since the resorts here also offer some of the most fun activities for kids in the kid’s club and families. The Luxury resorts at the family-oriented island here is a great way of spending your holiday in paradise.

Things to Do: Play tennis, billiards, go for swimming, indulge in beach volleyball, experience the spa facilities here etc.

7. Rangali Island

Rangali Island
This island allows you to get a more different and a new perspective of the island here and is owned by the Hilton group of hotels. It is deemed for being one of the most favourable island destinations for families since you can indulge in fun family focussed activities. You can relax here with your family and bond over a variety of fun-packed activities here. The indoors as beautiful as the outdoors and allows you to have a very refreshing experience here.

Things to Do: Swim in the infinity pool here, have fun in various indoor activities, get a spa experience etc.

8. Kanuhura Island

Kanuhura Island
Pamper yourself and to the visual treats of some of the most untouched natural beauty here which catches the visitors by surprise due to its unparalleled beauty. The Luxury amenities in the 5-star hotels here will make your experience at this island even more memorable. You can even choose to spend your days here either in a private villa by the clear blue ocean water or even choose to book a hotel room here.

Things to Do: Snorkelling, deep sea diving, beach volleyball, tennis, indoor fun activities etc.

9. Halaveli Island

Halaveli Island
Surrounded on all sides by the clear blue water as far as the eyes can see, here in Halaveli you will feel all your stress and tension just melting away. A perfect getaway for you and your family you will be able to explore this incredible island replete with lush greenery of the forest backdrop and the scenic unmatched beauty of the charming surrounding. Lined with palm trees and with the view of the never-ending blue water this will be one holiday that you will never forget.

Things to Do: take a plunge in your private pools, have some fun beach experiences, watch the sun setting on the horizon etc.

10. Addu City

Addu City
Famed for being the 2nd largest city of Maldives next to Male, this southernmost atoll of the Maldivian archipelago is also a cultural hub for the visitors. The island has been of importance during the British era and being protected from the heavy storms via a barrier reef which is heart-shaped has allowed it to develop properly. There are several luxury resorts here and is unique in its look and features which sets it apart from the rest of the islands anywhere in the world.

Things to Do: Explore the underwater exotic aquatic like by snorkelling, witness the bird collection here, go for shopping, utilise the hotel and resort amenities etc.

11. Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island
Discover the real vibe of serenity and peace by slipping into the tranquil and quiet environment that Maafushi Island has to offer. This inhabited green idol is a part of the Kaafu Atoll and consists of several interesting places of sightseeing where you will be able to know about their cultures and lifestyles. There are 55 different guesthouses on this island and houses a number of spacious and relaxing beaches containing different shades of turquoise water.

Things to Do: Go on excursions, fishing, snorkelling, picnic on the island, explore the diving centres etc.

12. Hithadhoo Island

Hithadhoo Island
Situated in the district of Addu city this place is the main administrative district of Addu city along with displaying some of the most magnificent natural beauty of nature. Over time the place has managed to gather the attention of several travel lovers for its unmatched tranquillity. This tropical paradise is a great location for spending your vacation with the family. The ambience here is filled with a deep sense of serenity and peace along with a fair collection of wildlife.

Things to Do: Discover the unique cafes and restaurants, explore the wildlife, go on beach walks, witness the glorious rising sun etc.

13. Naifaru Island

This green and the elongated island is a part of the Maldives archipelago and is located at a distance of 141 kms from the capital city of Male. The island is named after the talented singer Naifaru Dhohokko and boasts of a quirky beauty which is untouched. The small colourful houses, beautiful environment and the never-ending blue ocean that stretches on all sides is truly only of the most luxurious and one of a kind places for spending your vacation.

Things to Do: Go on island exploration, shop for unique souvenirs, witness the lush greenery, enjoy the peace and serenity etc.

14. Fulhadhoo

Escape the hurried life of the city and take a well-deserved break on the island of Fulhadhoo where the trees are tall and green and the ocean water is crystal clear. It is one of the most recently developed places of vacation destination in the Maldives and definitely deserves to be on your bucket list. You will be able to sit on the beach for the whole day, walk around the city and just feel your stress completely melting away. A great place for newlyweds and people on their honeymoon.

Things to Do: Romantic dinner by the beach, indulge in fun beach activities, stay in a luxurious hotel by the sea etc.

15. Maamigili Island

Maamigili Island
This island is purely 750 metres long wide space displaying the pristine beauty and the beautiful environment surrounding it. The place is home to some of the most sandy and soft beaches in the world and you will be witnessing some of the most astounding colours of clear blue water. The island’s resorts here are set amongst the lush tropical greenery which allows you to kick back relax and let your hair down.

Things to Do: Observe peace, explore some other places and restaurant sot visit, take a morning walk or a jog by the beach etc.

16. Thinadhoo

This oceanic village of Thinadhoo in the Maldivian archipelago is one of the most prime tourist attractions here in the Maldives and a must visit during your vacation. The square-shaped landmass of this island allows you to have a long shoreline for you to indulge in a number of fun beach activities. The vibe of this island has a charming personality of its own and the happening nightlife here will allow you to have a memorable time here.

Things to Do: Spend some peaceful time here by the beach, explore the city on foot, get to know about the culture of the Maldivian population etc.

17. Dhangethi Island

Dhangethi Island
This is one of the main inhabited islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll and is also famed for being the 3rd largest populated island here. The city consists of some of the most fun-filled and interesting places of tourist attractions here. It is a main tourist hub for travelling and outdoor water sports enthusiasts. A great place for you to have a memorable fun and an equally relaxing time with your loved ones.

Things to Do: Water sports activities, scuba diving, speed boat ride, fishing, handicrafts, luxury resort experience.

18. Gan Island

Gan Island
This is the southernmost island of the Addu Atoll and is relatively larger in size as compared to any other typical Maldivian island. The name of this island literally means village or Gram in Sanskrit. This magnificently stunning island is the 2nd largest in the atoll. According to archaeological evidences, ancient Buddhist relics have been found here which adds to the importance of this place.

Things to Do: Explore the archaeology, visit the stupa ruins, go beach hopping, indulge in some luxury spa experiences, Go on Getty rides etc.

19. Rasdhoo Island

Rasdhoo Island
This inhabited island is also the capital for the alif alif atoll here. You can avail ferry rides from here to different islands anywhere. Enjoy the luxury of an exotic island life and the real vibe of a thumping nightlife, Rasdhoo is a promising holiday paradise for family and lovers. Go for diving and waterboarding activities on the quiet sea here on top of the crystal clear water and the lush green surroundings. A great place to leave the tension of the city life behind.

Things to Do: Take a beach walk, explore some exotic bars and restaurants, visit the quirky cafes, visit the beach point where the sea greets you on all 3 sides etc.

20. Dhigurah Island

Dhigurah Island
Truly a tropical paradise in every sense, this island allows you to have one of the most wholesome experiences of sheer luxury and serenity. With the tranquil waters surrounding the island to as far as you can see to the incredible amount of thriving biodiversity, this place is a treat for peace seekers, people on their honeymoon and anybody looking to detox. It is also a great place to experience the unique culture here.

Things to Do: Shark diving, snorkelling, witness flying fish jumping, visit the sandbank, go on picnics etc.