Top 20 Tourist Places to Visit in Bali

Popular for its iconic beaches, coral reefs and home to some of the most spectacular temples a visit to Bali will make you realize the true meaning of lush and bountiful greenery. This Indonesian island paradise is surrounded by glimmering sea on all sides and allows great exploration avenues for any traveller. There is always something for every visitor in Bali which will be a wonderful experience in itself. With so much to offer at the cheapest rates the place is an ideal choice among family vacationers, groups of friends, backpackers, people on their honeymoon and others. It is also one of the best rated destinations for yoga and meditation.

In case you have Bali on your mind for your next vacation trip then here the top 20 must visit places here which will make you book your tickets to this heavenly island right now:

01. Mount Batur

Mount Batur
Located around an active volcano and with a promise of an adventurous experience this incredibly scenic mountain should definitely be on your priority list during your visit to Bali. It truly is a heaven for outdoor sports lovers and for people looking to add a hint of adventure to your holiday plans. Don’t worry it is absolutely safe there. Marvelling at the rising sun on the horizon from atop the volcanic mountain will be a memory that you will keep for a lifetime.

  • Timing: Open 24 Hours
  • Entry Fee: Free Entry
  • How to Reach: Bali Airport – Gianyar – Mount Batur
  • Things to Do: Cycling Tours, Hiking Trails, Witnessing Sunrise / Sunset, Explore the nearby tea plantations etc.

02. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Pura Luhur Uluwatu
Nestled dramatically on the edge of a cliff by the crashing waves of the unending ocean on one side. This is one of the most notable temples in Bali and one of the top-rated tourist destinations. The Balinese architecture and the majestically serene surroundings works perfectly in creating a deeply spiritual aura. This place is a true mark of expert craftsmanship and represents the true spirit of the people of Indonesia and their culture.

  • Timing: 7 am to 7 pm
  • Entry Fee: Free Entry
  • How to Reach: Bali Airport – Uluwatu Temple (46 minutes car ride)
  • Things to Do: Offer your prayer at the temple shrine, explore the nearby breathtaking views, take some magnificent photographs etc.

03. Bali Safari And Marine Park

Bali Safari And Marine Park
With the promise of an exciting day out a Bali safari and marine park tour will be an experience to remember. Indonesia is blessed with some of the most incredible natural collection of birds, animals, fishes and green cover. While visiting the place on a safari bus you will also be made to hold some baby Orangutans, look at baby sharks etc. there is also a fun amusement and Water Park located right next to it and is a blast for children.

  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: 2,700/-
  • How to Reach: 5 hours from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Explore the marine park and its animals, play with some baby animals under supervision, visit the nearby water park etc.

04. Dream Beach

Dream Beach
This beach lives up to its name of being a dreamy beach. A secluded hideaway in Bali this beach with tranquil Clear Ocean water and surrounded by dramatic cliffs on its edge. This is a great place to spend some peaceful time amidst nature and peace close to the ocean. There are thatched restaurants available on the side of the cliffs from where you can savour the magnificent views of the unending ocean from the top while enjoying local Balinese delicacies.

  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: 40 minutes of road distance from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Have a relaxing time by the beach, soak in the sun, try local delicacies etc.

05. Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple
Your visit to Bali remains incomplete without a visit to Tanah lot temple. Set amidst the elegant and tropical settings of the beach side and a vibrant green cover the place offers some of the most stunning views. Not visiting here would mean that you won’t be able to admire nature in its full glory.

  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: 100/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour road journey from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Offer your prayer at the temple; witness the magnificent sunrise and sunset; have a peaceful time at the beach shoreline next to it etc.

06. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Representing the home for hundreds of monkeys in Bali and consisting of a number of old Balinese structures inside this is the place where people come to witness and play with the playful monkeys that reside here. There are cool walking pathways that leads through the lush green forest and other interesting attractions here which will allow you to have one of the most interesting and unique times here.

  • Timing: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Entry Fee: 200/-
  • How to Reach: 5 hours from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Exploration of the place, walking through the verdant and scenic surrounding beauty etc.

07. Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park
If you are looking to witness the exotic collection of birds here in Bali then this park is the place to be. A visit to this park will allow you to witness some amazing greenery and is a heaven for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. It is a unique park due to its major role in conserving over 5,000 bird species in Indonesia.

  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: 2,000/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour of distance from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Explore the amazing variety of birds, savour some delectable cuisines at the restaurants and cafes located inside etc.

08. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan
This is a scenic small island which is situated off the coast of the main island of Bali and is quickly becoming one of the most popular places of tourist attraction for travellers. This is the perfect option in case you are looking to take a break from the bustle of the common tourist places in Bali. Not only can you have a wonderful time relaxing at the beach side but you will also have one of the most fun and thrilling water sports activities here.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: A ferry ride away from the main Bali coast
  • Things to Do: Activities like surfing, water boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, jet skiing, cycling along the coast etc.

09. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall
Surrounded by scenic natural beauty and with the water falling from an incredibly high cliff top this waterfall is a collection of 7 surreal falls. You will be required to make your way through a verdant green hiking trail and allows the visitors to cool off by taking a dip in the cool pools of water here. It is a breath taking sight but should be preceded with care and safety.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: Free entry
  • How to Reach: Almost 3 hours of road journey from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Cliff jumping, swimming, nature hiking trail etc.

10. Goa Gajah Cave

Goa Gajah Cave
This is probably one of the finest and the most spiritual place of worship for the local population of Bali. The entire complex is divided into 2 different parts where the northern end is the legacy lessons of the Lord Shiva which is a particular place of admiration particularly for Hindus. The entire complex has a real vibe of deep devotion and spirituality making it a must visit. There are also carvings on the walls and cave features that also add a sense of mystery here.

  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Entry Fee: 80/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour and 10 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Explore the caves, take in the beautiful green surroundings, discover the ancient relics, offer your prayer at the religious sites here etc.

11. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
The collection of the Balinese architectural structures is probably one of the most important landmarks here which is a must visit for everyone visiting Indonesia. It is also one of the most significant temples in Bali and is famous for maintaining stability and harmony among the people. Situated on the edge of a huge crater and consisting of 285 shrines the temple is dedicated to the Balinese goddess of lake making it a prominent destination of interest for people with a spiritual and religious inclination.

  • Timing: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Entry Fee: 170 – Rs. 200/-
  • How to Reach: 2 hours from the airport in Bali
  • Things to Do: Explore all the shrines here and witness the harmony of spirituality and religion; walk on the pathways; spend some peaceful time at the gardens here etc.

12. The Blanco Renaissance Museum

The Blanco Renaissance Museum
If you are looking to add some culture to your trip then a visit to Blanco renaissance museum will be the thing for you. This place is perched on top of a hill overlooking the expansive lush cover below. It houses some of the most prominent artworks and paintings by top notch painters. You will get to know a lot more about the culture of Bali through these paintings and will account for a well spent day amidst culture.

  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: 250/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour and 20 mines from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Visit the well-known paintings Here, indulge in some delicious local cuisines at the café situated inside etc.

13. Seminyak

Situated in one of the most upscale areas of Bali this paradisiacal beach is one of the most well-known beaches for the visitors. The beach is surrounded by luxury hotels, classy restaurants, beach resorts and fancy cafes which is a great way of experiencing Bali. Being surrounded by unique natural beauty and with wide ocean water as far as the eyes can see you cannot miss out to visit this place.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: Just 30 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Relax by the beach, take a walk along the shoreline, shop at the nearby boutiques etc.

14. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach
If you are tired of visiting all the secluded beaches in Bali and are looking to go to a bustling beach filled with life then this is the perfect beach for you. With an ever-present vibe of party and thrill in the air and thronged by tourists from all over the world, this is probably one of the most famous beaches here and allows you to indulge in fun activities here. You will feel energised by visiting this remarkably lively beach.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: 25 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Water Bombing, surfing, beach walking, relaxing on ling chairs, having some delicious food and drinks at the nearby eateries etc.

15. Mount Kawi

Mount Kawi
Apart from its magnificently charming beaches Bali is home to thickly forested mountains as well. This mountain peak consists of 10 small shrines or memorials and offers you a stunning view of the gorgeous surroundings and the rice paddy fields that dot the entire region. To reach the top and get the real view you will be climbing almost 270 steps which will be one of the most rewarding and worth it experiences here.

  • Timing: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: 80/-
  • How to Reach: Almost 12 hour journey by road and 1 hour journey by flight from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Hike up the trails, photography, Pay your respect at the memorial, witness the stunning natural beauty etc.

16. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach
The golden sandy beach of sanur is famous for its serene environment, and the great amount of peace it offers. If you are looking to escape the city life and hustle of the tourists then this is the place to be. The quaint atmosphere here will allow you to sit back, relax and listen to the sound of the ocean. The water here is more relaxed and quieter than the other beaches making it the perfect place to go with your families and loved ones.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: 25 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Swimming in the cool water, exploring coral reefs. Relaxing by the shoreline under the beach umbrellas and on the long chairs etc.

17. Bali Pulina

Bali Pulina
If you want to explore Bali in a more closer manner and are looking to add some fun twist to your vacation plans then an agro tourism visit of Bali Pulina will be one of the best decisions you make. You will be taken across some local plantations like coffee and made to witness the production of world’s most expensive coffee – Luwak. This will truly be Aunique experience for you and your family.

  • Timing: 8 am to 7 pm
  • Entry Fee: 250/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour and 45 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Witnessing some plantations here; see the processing of coffee here; taking a nature trail walk etc.

18. Puri Lukisan Museum

Puri Lukisan Museum
If you have a day to spare in Bali and are looking to feel closer to its tradition and culture then this museum will be a good option. This museum is one of the oldest art museums in Bali and is adorned with intricate and finely carved wood. The place holds incredible importance to the modern Balinese art movement. The charming lush greenery here is one of the most interesting features that surrounds this museum.

  • Timing: 12 am to 6 pm and 9 pm to 12 am
  • Entry Fee: 400/-
  • How to Reach: 1 hour 20 minutes from Bali airport
  • Things to Do: Explore the lush greenery here, take a leisurely walk, buy books and souvenirs, eat some delicious local food etc.

19. Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga
Spread out over a sprawling area of 1.2 hectares this place can be dated back to 1946 and consists of charming ponds, water bodies, fountains and rich greenery. The tropical gardens here and the ancient richly carved statues and structures here only add on to a beauty and serenity of this place. The place maintains its brilliantly subtle vibe of spirituality and devotion that manages to attract a throng of tourists from all over.

  • Timing: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: 450 – Rs. 950/-
  • How to Reach: 2 hours and 15 minutes from Bali airport.
  • Things to Do: Walk around the fountains and relax in the lush garden, explore the architectural beauty here, witness the stunning natural and charming beauty etc.

20. Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach
Beach lovers rejoice! Uluwatu beach is probably one of the most amazing getaway beach and a surfer’s paradise. With action packed activities here and gushing waves this place makes sure that you have a breath taking and fun filled experiences here. The scenic views and the profound beauty here is unmissable and exploring it will be an experience of a lifetime.

  • Timing: NA
  • Entry Fee: NA
  • How to Reach: 2 hours and 15 minutes away from Bali Airport
  • Thing to Do: explore the expansive and pristine beauty here, take a lot of pictures, shop for souvenirs etc.
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