White Water Rafting – Extreme Sports and Outdoor Recreation

White water rafting is an outdoor adventure sports activity which is performed by carefully manoeuvring a 3.0 meters raft in a gushing river. While doing rafting, you may experience the need of teamwork for dealing with risk involved. It is considered as an adventurous sport and can be fatal. White water rafting is classified into six different classes based on their level of difficulties. They are listed below:

Level 1: It is considered to be very basic level with few rough areas.
Level 2: This level requires basic padding skill and consists of some rough water and rocks.
Level 3: This level is for white water rafting where there are small waves and small drops but this level is not considered as dangerous.
Level 4: At this level rafting is done in white water where there are medium waves, considerable drop and also some rocks.
Level 5: This level is also being the part of white water rafting which includes many large waves and large drops. And also there is possibility of huge rocks.
Level 6: This level requires rapid skill level and is considered to be the most dangerous level of all above. It includes white water with huge waves and huge drops. Huge rocks are also the part. There are more possibilities of serious injuries and death in this level as compared to others.

If you love to do adventurous sports you may go for white water rafting. But keep in mind that if you cannot swim this can be dangerous for you.

Techniques for White Water Rafting

Rafts of white water rafting have different techniques to tackle white water obstacles. Some of the techniques are:

Punching: This technique involves the crew to give enough speed to raft to push through hydraulic without being stopped.

High Siding: To prevent raft to go sideways because of raft caught in hydraulic. The raft members climb to the side of raft to take it in the right position.

Low Siding: In this technique rafting crew sometimes slide raft slide through channel less than the size of raft in low water.

What to Take With You on White Water Rafting?

The List of needed items while going for rafting:
Wet Kit: Wet kit includes the clothes that you need to wear while rafting. These include any cloth that repels water. You should have a wet suit, waterproof jacket, shoes, gloves and woolen socks. It is strongly recommended not to ignore shoes which must be worn during rafting (sneakers, slippers).

Dry Kit: Dry kit includes clothes for camping. This includes Pants, Shirts, T-Shirts, Socks, Undergarments, warm jacket and pair of shoes.

Necessary Camping Stuff: It includes Mug, Bowl, Spoon, Torch, Knife, Mobile, Camera, Camcorder, and a travel bag. These all will be of an unbreakable stuff. Take a note to do not include too much of plastic stuff. It is harmful to both environment and your health. Let’s love our nature and ourselves.

Personal First Aid Kit: It is necessary to equipped with serious hiking first aid kit. Take all necessary medicines with you.

The Best Rivers in the World for White Water Rafting

Rafting has different levels of difficulty from 0-6 and also different levels of river terrain. Depending on these difficulty levels anyone can take part in rafting after a small briefing. There can be 2 to 10 persons in a raft. So, where do you go to have full sense of adventure? Let us take a look at the best river across the world for rafting. Most of the famous destinations are in America and Africa.

01. Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho
Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho
It is the most popular amongst the most well-known white water rivers. Here you can encounter huge ups to level 5. It streams outside Alaska through America’s biggest road less forests. You may likewise discover the mother bear with her cubs swimming over the river.

02. Dalaman River, Turkey
Dalaman River, Turkey
Many of you might surprise but it is one of the best places to do white water rafting. Dalaman River is one of the fastest rivers of the world. There are several curves in rivers which make difficulty level ranges from level 3 to level 5. The total distance is of 260Km. You might see the interesting scenery, vegetable gardens, forests and many villages across the river.

03. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
Zambezi is considered to be level 5 and level 6 of difficulty with the presence of crocodiles in the river. The distance is of 24 kilometers that gives Africa thrilling white water rafting experience. The best time to visit Zambezi is autumn, warm, and winter but not hot. And now, without moving from your screens look exactly what you will find in this country:

04. Johnstone River, Australia
Johnstone River, Australia
This incredible trip offers difficulty Level 4 and 5 of rafting with rainforest and volcanic gorges across the river. A bonus point to this trip is a helicopter ride which can take you to the start point and it is only accessible by air.

05. Nile River, Uganda
Nile River, Uganda
Nile River is one of the best destinations of world for white water rafting. Level 4, 5, 6 of difficulty is waiting for you and will be a memorable one. Uganda is not only famous for rafting but also you can go on safari to watch the gorillas and crocodiles. Below is the small video of rafting in Uganda that can hold your breath!

06. Ottawa River, Canada
Ottawa River, Canada
The Ottawa River is situated between Quebec and Ontario, is considered to be the best destination for rafters of all skill and difficulty level. The calm water and low waves are perfect for adventurers where as high waves can add thrill to your adventurous trip.

07. Paro Chhu River, Bhutan
Paro Chhu River, Bhutan
This river can offer level 2, 3 rafting with sacred Buddhist site and temples along this sacred river. Many travellers are paying 200 to 250$ tariff per night to enter the Himalayan region of Bhutan. Inspite of paying that much amount it is there is rarest chance to raft the country’s sacred rivers.

08. American River, California
American River, California
This river offers difficulty level 3, 4 and 5 of rafting. This river has both calm sections for tubing and challenging area with huge waves for white water rafting.

09. Deerfield River, United States of America
Deerfield River, United States of America
Despite of only 76 miles it is most beautiful and popular river for rafting which can offer level 2 and 3 section of rafting. You can do white water rafting, boating, fishing, and swimming depending on where you are.

10. Colorado River, North America
Colorado River, North America
No rafting experience is complete without the Colorado River. It covers the Grand Canyon and the Gulf of California. Endless in scenic wonder and majesty, any trip along this river will be the adventure of a lifetime.

11. Noce River, Italy
Noce River, Italy
The melting ice of glaciers has given rise to European most adventurous white water rafting destination. Adventure seekers can be thrilled with class 3, 4 and 5 rapids. You may find breathtaking stretches of sheer cliffs, glaciers, vertical walls and pinnacles strewn across the river while rafting.

12. Futaleufú River, Chile
Futaleufú River, Chile
This level 3 to 5 river is still popular for rafting. The rafting season in this river is start in February. It is the most luxurious rafting `destination of region.

Safety Tips and Precautions to Be Taken During White Water Rafting

  • Choose right outfit from a licensed shop
  • Always wear life jacket while rafting.
  • Wear all the protective gear when you are going for rafting
  • Hold paddle properly as instructed by the trainer
  • Always respond to instruction correctly this will help you to stay in boat
  • You should know the proper swimming techniques while going for rafting
  • Never Panic
  • Listen to your guide carefully during briefing and on the water

By following these basic tips and listening to your guide during your white water rafting adventure, you can safely experience the beauty of nature, the roaring rush of water as you ride the river’s flow and the memorable thrill of white water rafting.