Top 30 Largest Hindu Temples in the World

India is the land of divine spirituality. Temples in India are not just a place of worship, they are emotional. Devotees make their way to the temples and find hope, courage, and thankfulness. Temples in India date back to the ancient ages with centuries of positive vibes and energies embedded in every part of them. For many, going to the […]

Top 20 Hindu Temples in India

Ever since the first specs of civilization were unearthed in the Indus valley civilization, the presence of temples in India have been defined. Home to millions of massive and small temples or Mandirs, India is the perfect place for going temple hopping. Dedicated to various gods, goddesses and their avatars, almost every inch of the subcontinent is covered in temples. […]

Get Religious in Amritsar’s Golden Temple

The Harmandir sahib is located in Amritsar in Punjab. This happens to be the holiest shrine in all of Sikhism. This was earlier known as the golden temple. Harmandir Sahib was a name that was given to the temple in the year two thousand and five. This place now attracts Sikhs from all parts of the world. And it has […]

Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in India

Gautam Buddha, a great spiritual Guru and God incarnate had number of disciples during his lifetime. He founded a new religion ‘Buddhism’ which now is a major religion worldwide and nationwide. There are a huge number of Buddhist pilgrimage destinations in India where pilgrims from all round the world make a bee line. Each of these places is intricately connected […]

List of 5 Most Famous Pilgrimage Places in India

The land of India is filled with religious places that are sought after by people with religious sentiments. Some of these are located in tough terrains but have visitors growing in number every year. The following article consists of a description of five such pilgrimage sites in India that are visited by pilgrims to fulfill their spiritual needs and attain […]