Top 30 Longest River in India

Ever since the ancient ages, people have been worshipping nature in all its forms. Rivers in India are the life-giving source where they are utilised for various daily life activities as well as for agricultural purposes. The oldest civilizations in India have flourished around rivers. Home of the great Himalayas, India also houses some of the longest rivers in the […]

Top 31 Longest Bridge in India

Bridges are a crucial part of a country’s infrastructure. It ensures that the people get to places that were once not reachable and increases the flow of economy. Bridges in India are feats of engineering marvel that deserve an international recognition. These bridges provide a connectivity service for people looking to commute from one place to the other. India is […]

Top 30 Largest Mall in India

Malls have taken over the world. With a mall popping in almost every corner of the stress, it has become increasingly difficult to pick out the best one. They are not only a great place to go for shopping, but it is also ideal for dining out, indulging in fun activities with the kids and watching the latest blockbuster movies. […]

Top 21 Largest Statues in the World

Tall statues across the world are a representation of the country’s might and the ruler’s pride. It is a way for the people of the country to showcase their love and respect for the country that they call home. Other than being a mark of national pride, these tallest statutes are also a way for the nation to recognise and […]

19 Best Night Clubs Near me in Noida

Noida is one of the most popular NCR in New Delhi and home to over 6 lakh residents. This perfectly planned city is located within the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of UP. With over 50% green cover, Noida has been ranked as one of the greenest cities in India. With wide open spaces, skyscrapers, and highrises, Noida is quickly becoming […]

Top 20 Highest Mountains in the World

Mountains are undeniably the best sources of majestic natural beauty. These jagged beauties always offer a deep sense of captivating charm. The feeling of walking the road less travelled and experiencing the clean air rejuvenate your senses is unparalleled. From the sages and ascetics of the Satyug to the modern age mountaineers and trekkers, these lofty giants continue to inspire […]

20 Best Night Clubs Near me in Bangalore

Bangalore is the silicon city of India. This IT hub is known for its great employment opportunities and also for being the startup central. This city is thronged by entrepreneurs, college-goers, and mostly young people. The thumping nightlife of Bangalore offers the perfect work-life balance people look for. When it comes to nightclubs and cafes, Bangalore is not behind. From […]

Top 20 Famous Shiva Temples in India

God created the universe from 5 principal deities, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Prajapati, and Minakshi. Each god has its own characteristics as well as the characteristics of god.  Out of them, Lord Shiva is considered the supreme god. Shiva is mostly depicted as a peaceful deity who loves animals and meditation. He is also described as a fierce deity who when […]

17 Most Unbelievable Places on Earth

Ever since the earth came into existence over 4.5 billion years ago it has continued to inspire and awe humans with its unique natural structures and formations. Different geographical locations and varied types of climatic conditions have helped in promoting the formation of some of the most spectacular natural beauties. Spread out across valleys and canyons to lakes and fields […]

17 Most Popular Ghats of Vrindavan

Vrindavan is one of the holiest places in India but why is that so? Hindu deity Lord Krishna had spent a major part of his childhood in this small, humble town next to Yamuna. Almost every street, monument, statue, and temple in Vrindavan is related in some way or the other to the Lord. Krishna devotees from around the world […]

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