5 Most Delightful Tea Estates of Darjeeling for a Plantation Holiday

Tea is lovingly known as in a number of countries across the world like as Chai, Cha, Te, Teh, Che, Ch, Thee, Tee!  Tea is second most addicted drink other than the water. For the tea addicts, a life lacking of tea is surely not worth imagining! And tea tourism in recent years has seen a huge surge.

Why Take A Holiday In The Tea Estates Of Darjeeling?

Tea Tourism is a comparatively brand new idea in Darjeeling but it is successfully taking a lead in this region. Darjeeling is after all the Mecca of tea as well as sprawling estates producing what we are familiar with as the “Champagne of Teas” to the delight of the world. There are 80 operational tea gardens in Darjeeling that extends across thousands of acres of land area on open hill slopes. High on the hills with cool breeze as well as misty weather, planters as well as workers come together. A journey to these huge stretches of tea plantations is all about foggy mornings, tea leaves blossoming under the sun, lovely walks to see variety of types of tea as well as of course, sipping your favourite brew. Here’s your direction to exploring the most excellent tea gardens of Darjeeling.

01. The Glenburn Tea Estate
Step into the peaceful world of Glenburn, a tea estate recognized by Scottish tea planters in 1860. It sprawls over the 1600 acres of green forests, rolling hills, tea picker villages, diverse landscape with birds, butterflies as well as river valleys. For stay there are two lovely bungalows, each comprising four suites and huge gardens.

02. Makaibari Tea Estate
Makaibari Tea Estate
Makaibari Tea Estate is the creator of Darjeeling’s costliest tea and one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling. There are village home stays and Eco Huts for accommodation to experience the local life and tea gardens here.

03. Happy Valley Tea Estate
Happy Valley Tea Estate
Traveling through tea gardens established on the gentle hill slopes of Darjeeling is the ideal way to start your day at the Happy Valley Tea Estate. With agricultural estate as old as 150 years along with picture-perfect stretches it’s the best place to know everything about tea from withering, rolling, fermenting and drying. Stay in the home-stays or hotels nearby.

04. The Chamong Tea Estate
The Chamong Tea Estate
Located in the hazy hills of Darjeeling, Chamong Tea Estate stretches over the 900 acres of lush green land that house a tea plantation, a tea plant as well as a village for the tea pickers. Chamong runs its own tea estate tours and offers home-stays with meals.

05. Goomtee Tea Resort
Goomtee Tea Resort
Lesser recognized than its famous Neighbors’ Makaibari as well as Glenburn, visitors at Goomtee get to stay in about a 100-year-old heritage tea estate bungalow at a stature of about 4000 feet, with sweeping views of the valleys, tea gardens along with mountains.

So all tea lovers pack your bags – Travelling to stay and enjoy these leafy estates is as stimulating as tea, and it is positively a terrific idea.