Travelling After The COVID-19 Pandemic

It is a known fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world on its knees. Everyone is facing their share of problems due to this unexpected pandemic that has encapsulated the globe and continues to grow without any promise of subsiding in the near future. As the world thanks to the fighters and warriors in white who are battling this deadly virus on a daily basis, some people cannot stop themselves from wondering what it would be like when everything goes back to normal. But the question is will things truly go back to what it was?

Out of all the industries facing the severe backlash caused due to this unknown virus, the Travel industry is the most brutally affected. In the blink of an eye, the traditional travel ways will see a sudden yet much-needed change that could take years and years to get back to the so-called normal track. The worst part about this whole thing is that since the world is plunging deeper into this pandemic every day, will anyone feel truly carefree while going around the world? However, there is no need to lose hope as the travel industry will be back and how since 10% of the entire global workforce comprises employees in the travel industry, directly or indirectly.

After the complete elimination of the virus here are some ways that you can undertake while traveling to keep yourself safe and get rid of any probable causes of COVID 19:

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Adopt A Rigorous Disinfecting Routine

It is a long shot since air travel will be a common thing again however if you do have to travel by air or even by road be sure to follow a strict regime of disinfecting everything. This can be done by carrying bottles of alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants. You should spray them on your luggage and carry on and anything you buy from outside to eliminate any possibility. Strictly follow the protocols given out by who of carrying masks and gloves which you should also keep disinfecting in intervals. All the surfaces must also be cleaned on a regular basis with the help of disinfecting sprays and wet wipes dipped in disinfectants which will keep your belongings safer.

Opt For Road Trips

Lengthy travel plans should be suspended for the near future as it may increase the chances of a sudden spike in people getting infected. People should start traveling in their cars and going on road trips. What better than traveling and exploring in your own car? It is a convenient way and one of the most economical ways of traveling since you will entirely be in control of disinfecting your whole car and keeping yourself safe from getting prone to this horrible disease. it may take a lot of effort, quick thinking and you will have to take care of numerous other things but it will all be worth it since prevention is better than cure.

Avoid Staying At Hotels

Hotels will prove to be a hotbed for the people getting infected since people from different parts of the world use the hotel to stay while traveling. Some people may be potential carriers for the virus and your stay there would prove to be fatal. Instead, you can go for camping activities or choose to stay at one of the many available Airbnb options available since there you will be responsible directly for cleaning the space and disinfecting it according to your liking and satisfaction that too at a regular basis. People generally prefer sanitizing their space as per their own satisfaction as they are doubtful of the way the hotel staff clean. A relatively safer option would be booking aBnB preferably in a remote part of the region.

Travel Domestic

The world is undergoing a major economic crisis that has negatively impacted the life of numerous people across the globe. This will allow people to travel locally and domestically rather than going on lengthy international vacation trips. This will also allow you to travel to the local places and help the small scale industries to revive their businesses that may have gotten worse over the period of the pandemic. Traveling domestic also eliminates the possibility of getting the virus-infected through some foreign source like in an airport, a cab, or some other random surface you may unknowingly expose yourself to. Traveling domestic to the remote regions will allow you to experience some time away from the madness of city life and have a fun time as well while giving you the opportunity to getting to know more about your culture.

Pack Smartly And Carefully

It goes without saying that you will be packing differently now since you will not be including a lot of things that in the past you may have deemed unimportant. Remember that large bottles of sanitizers are not permitted in the carry-on baggage inside the flight, in this case you can choose to carry a much smaller and miniature bottle of sanitizers in your carry bag. You can choose to section out your clothes inside the suitcase inside small plastic baggies which you can also easily disinfect and keep your clothes also safe. Do not forget to pack extra pairs of surgical gloves and face masks without which all this packing would be futile.

Who knew that the world would see these days and will change the travel industry so drastically? All you have to do is travel smarter and safer. The only good thing to come out of this is the restoration of the natural wildlife in the world and the healing of many human-made crisis that has contributed to climate change. Some people are calling this pandemic ‘a great reset’ while others are seeing it as one of the ways of creating awareness about safe travels. Whatever the reason is, a few things are certain that the travel industry may take years to restore traveling to the way it was and it will never be the same. All we could do is follow precautions and keep ourselves safe.

Param Dass

Param Dass, works with Namaste India Trip. An avid travel enthusiast by nature, he brings his characteristic zeal and sincerity to all projects he involves himself in. His videography and photography reflect his urge to help fellow travelers who embrace the pleasures and perils of journeys just for the sense of adventure and newness they bring to our otherwise monotonous lives.