Golf Travel Insurance: Get a Golf Holiday Insurance

If you are a traveling golf player, it is a good idea to have a golf travel insurance, no matter how good you are or how often you play. Everyone can have a bad day on the golf course. A golf ball is hard and can cause serious injuries or damage when it travels at high speeds. If you don’t have a golf travel insurance, you will be liable for the damage and therefore all the costs. One accident can quickly cost your whole world trip budget if you don’t have an insurance.

Your regular holiday insurance policy might not give you the benefits you need to cover your sport. Make sure that you have a holiday golf insurance before leaving for a golf holiday, especially if you are planning to take your own clubs with you, but also if you are going to hire equipment. You need an insurance which will cover both the game and your equipment.

What exactly is a Golf Travel Insurance?

Golf Travel Insurance
A golf holiday insurance is a policy which protects the golfers and their gear above regular holiday insurance benefits. Like it is the case with most hobbies, basic insurance policies may not cover golfing within their standard terms. A golf holiday insurance can be bought as a part of a complete travel insurance or as a stand-alone product.

The additional features with golfing holiday insurance can be for example:

  • An insurance against loss, theft or damage to your own equipment. The more you travel, the more likely it is that some damage can occur, especially if you take a lot of holiday flights. Unfortunately, you cannot have your golf bag as cabin luggage. You have to check the bags in, and anything can happen to them. Most regular travel insurances don’t cover damage of personal effects while playing golf.
  • Covering the costs of hiring equipment if your own gear gets lost, damaged or stolen
  • A personal accident insurance. Golf is considered as a safe non-contact sport, but thousands of people a year require treatment at a hospital as a direct result of a golfing accident
  • Sports personal liability insurance. You can be held financially responsible if you injure someone else or damage property while playing.
  • Covering the costs of a hole-in-one. The tradition is that the skilled golfer treats everyone at the club a round of drinks after their lucky shot. This insurance is especially useful in Europe, where the cost of drinks is considerably higher (imagine 7-10, even 13 dollars per drink).
  • An insurance for covering the costs of the non-refundable green fees if you have an accident or get ill, or if the weather stops you from being able to play.
  • Covering the costs of the non-refundable green fees if you have to cut short or cancel your trip.

Read the Small Print

When you compare holiday golf insurances or are taking a travel insurance with golf cover, make sure to read the small print to find out what the insurance policy covers. The actual benefits differ from insurance company to another. Some companies offer several different levels of golf insurances starting from some basic level and going up to some more comprehensive features at a higher cost.

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