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Country: India
State: Uttarakhand
District: Chamoli
Elevation: 2,505 m (8,219 ft)
Population: 25000
Language: Hindi and Garhwali

Weather: Party Cloudy Day 21° C - 00° C

Ideal Duration: 2-3 Days

Best Time: Apr-Jun

Nearest Airport: Dehradun

Auli is India’s most sought-after travel destination for adventure lovers and solace seekers. It is India’s top-rated ski resort destination, specially developed for adventure tourism in Uttarakhand. But what is so special about Auli apart from Skiing adventures?

Well, Auli is Himalaya’s majestic grandeur, which looks good every season, whether clad in winter’s snowy attire or with summer’s beautiful blossoms. Tourists from all over India visit Auli to enjoy natural views and seek thrill in Auli’s skiing slopes in winter. Auli’s natural beauty captivates the souls of those who venture into its mesmerizing attractions. The crisp mountain air, the snow-laden peaks, the scenic trekking trails, and the beautiful sunsets display Auli’s natural artistry on a whole new level.

Auli serves as a beautiful romantic escape for couples. The majestic views of the mountains create a magical setting to click amazing pictures with your loved ones. Auli warmly welcomes families for recreational activities. There are many things to do in Auli with your family. You can enjoy snowboarding lessons, take Auli’s ropeway ride for panoramic views, embrace lush green meadows around Auli, spend a fun-filled bonfire night in camps, indulge in bird watching in nearby areas like Pandukeshwar, Govindghat, and Joshimath from the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and be one with the nature by indulging in scenic hiking activities.

Auli is not only a hub of relaxation and adventures for tourists. The local cuisines of Auli will give you a glimpse of the simple lifestyle of the Garhwali people. When you immerse yourself in the food of Auli – Dal, Rice, leafy vegetables, and traditional meat dishes known as Kachmauli, you see the resilience of the Garhwali community in their food. Garhwali people live in the mountains and survive harsh climates. Their cuisines have high nutritional value that protects them from cold weather.

Auli gives you a chance to explore remote Himalayan villages. You will be amazed to see the natural beauty of Malar Village, located near Auli. It is close to the Indo-Tibetan border near Joshimath in the Chamoli district. It is one of the oldest Himalayan villages in India. From Malari, you can also explore Niti Pass, the last village and outpost on the Indo-Tibetan border. See how beautifully Auli extends your holidays with hidden Himalayan gems!

The verdant meadows of Auli have kept the beautiful Chenab Lake in its lap. Lush Oak and Coniferous forests and the serene solitude of the Lake heal the mind from all the chaos. Auli Tourism unveils the best-kept secrets of majestic Himalayan Mountains. We often visit touristy places like Shimla, Nainital, or Dehradun and enjoy popular activities. But Auli takes you away from crowd, into the realm of euphoria to capture things never captured before.

About Auli

The serene snow-capped peaks, crisp air, and a promise of adventure define Auli Tourism. The picture-perfect town of Auli is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in India. It is popular among tourists for Skiing adventure sports.

Imagine yourself standing atop a mountain to see majestic snow-laden mountains. It's a beautiful sanctuary for every type of wanderer. A nature lover would feel like stepping into a dreamland crafted by fairies. With each passing mile, the views get beautiful. The hustle and bustle of city life vanishes, and time stops to show you the realm of bliss.

Every wanderer must visit Auli once in a lifetime. The beauty and tranquillity make it a most sought-after destination for solace seekers. Auli will always hold a special place in your heart if you love adventures in winter. Auli developed as a preliminary base for skiing activities. Auli also has India’s longest cable car ride. Tourists from all over the world come to Auli to enjoy this scenic ride.

For families also, Auli leaves no stone unturned to make holidays memorable. It is a place to enjoy the serenity of the mountains, enjoy skiing in the powdery snow, click awesome pictures amidst the majesty of Himalayan peaks, and embrace the rhythms of nature with your loved ones. The local community of Auli, though small, is vibrant. They live a simple lifestyle. In winter, locals indulge in tourism and adventure sports, running hotels, guest houses, ski- resorts, guiding and catering services, etc.

One of the best reasons to visit Auli is to get a chance to explore Nanda Devi and the Valley of Flowers National Park, as it is the gateway to these two beautiful destinations. One can also visit Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara to seek divine blessings.

Auli also opens the world of beautiful trekking trails to trekkers. Through Auli, trekkers can trek to Gorson Bugyal, Pangerchulla Summit and Tapovan. Auli has one of the best ski grounds in the world. If you want to try thrilling ski adventure sports and snowboarding, January to April is the best time to visit Auli to enjoy these activities.

One can view majestic Himalayan peaks like Mana Parvat, Kamat, and Nanda Devi from Auli. When summer and monsoon arrive, Auli transforms into the lush green world of bliss. The lush green meadows and dense forests of Oak and Coniferous draw many visitors to enjoy pleasant weather and natural wonders away from the heat of the plains. Families often seek a more leisurely experience with their loved ones when they plan a vacation. Auli offers ample opportunity for a leisurely experience, relaxation, and rejuvenation with their loved ones.

Scenic picnics by tranquil lakes, camping and bonfire nights, ski adventures, bird watching, exploring villages, and trekking make Auli the best destination for nature and adventure lovers. It is a year-round destination. Auli looks beautiful every season. So, who wants to feel the enchantment of the mountains?

Holiday Packages

Whether you are an adventurer seeking new thrills or a family looking to spend quality time with your loved ones, our Auli tour packages will never disappoint you in the mountains. We offer unforgettable journeys through our packages. The Auli Tour package includes the blissful views of snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and meadows of Auli, skin and snowboarding adventures, and sightseeing to serene alpine lakes and mountains. Your Auli tourism experience will be the most memorable one. Our packages are crafted with care to ensure every moment of your journey is worth your time.

Auli Sightseeing Tour Package

Auli Sightseeing Tour Package

Tour Cost : On Request/-

03 Days & 02 Nights

Auli Tour Package from Delhi

Auli Tour Package from Delhi

Tour Cost : On Request/-

06 Days & 05 Nights

Auli Skiing Tour Package

Auli Skiing Tour Package

Tour Cost : On Request/-

08 Days & 07 Nights

Nainital Auli Tour Package

Nainital Auli Tour Package

Tour Cost : On Request/-

10 Days & 09 Nights

Things to Do

Auli is a beautiful escape to bliss and enchantment in the Himalayan Mountains. There are many amazing things to do in Auli for tourists. It has something for every type of wanderer. For nature lovers, Auli gives you the best views of majestic mountains, meadows, valleys, enchanted forests, scenic villages, and alpine lakes. Adventure lovers will love snowboarding, skiing, and other snow adventure sports in winter. Families will find respite from the heat of the plains and enjoy fun-filled picnics, camping, and sightseeing opportunities with their near and dear ones. The list of activities doesn’t end. Auli keeps on giving memorable experiences to tourists with every passing mile. It is indeed one of the best destinations for fun-filled holidays.

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