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The chill of winter, the blossom of the spring, the colours of autumn, and the warmth of summer, Dehradun looks gorgeous in every season. There is always your version of the perfect time to explore Dehradun. The time to visit Dehradun depends on you and your affinity for a specific weather condition. However, the city’s beautiful charm makes it a year-round destination.

Dehradun in summer (March to June)

The picturesque hill station in Dehradun is an amazing tourist destination to visit throughout the year. However, each season has its charm but still seasons matter if you want to enjoy any season-specific activity, delicacy, or festivity in Dehradun. Each season in Dehradun caters to the preferences of different types of tourists.

The best time to visit Dehradun is during summer (March to June). This season is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying outdoor activities. It is also the peak tourism season. You can enjoy scenic treks in the nearby hills like Mussoorie and Landour etc. You can also attend the Jhanda Fair by Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib in March. Moreover, Dehradun is a treat to the senses for nature lovers in summer. They can enjoy the beauty of Robbers Cave and Sahastradhara.

Families often plan a trip to Dehradun to escape the scorching heat of the plains.

Wildlife enthusiasts can visit nearby National Parks to explore the wildlife of the Himalayan Mountains and enjoy the thrill of jungle safaris.

Travel Tips for summer holidays in Dehradun:

  • Due to peak tourism season, the price of hotels also increases. So it is advisable to book hotels and resorts in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  • Pack light clothes in summer as the weather can get quite hot. It is important to pack cotton shirts, comfortable shoes, shorts, and sunglasses for comfortable sightseeing experiences.
  • Always stay hydrated during summertime while exploring destinations. It would be comfortable if you plan your major sightseeing and outdoor activities during cooler mornings or evenings to escape the scorching heat.
  • Respect the local customs and traditions when you are at any religious site in Dehradun. Dress decently while visiting the temples to show respect for the culture and traditions of the place.

Dehradun in Monsoon (July to September)

Dehradun in monsoon looks beautiful in Monsoon. This season blesses the landscapes of Dehradun with frequent downpours to make it vibrant and refreshed. Those who love nature must visit Dehradun during this time. In monsoon, Bird watching is one of the most popular activities to do in Dehradun as you will see various migratory birds flock to Dehradun from faraway places.

Travel Tips for Monsoon Holidays in Dehradun:

  • The rates of hotels and resorts also decrease as it is not a peak tourist season.
  • Check the weather forecasts before planning your trip to Dehradun in Monsoon. The road conditions might not be suitable for travel due to floods and landslides.
  • Frequent downpours can ruin your travel plans and disrupt your outdoor activities so it is recommended to carry waterproof clothing, umbrellas, raincoats, and sturdy footwear to protect yourself from heavy rain.
  • Monsoon is the best time to embrace the beauty of cascading waterfalls. The water flows with full vigour during this time. The lush greenery surrounding the waterfalls will seduce your senses.
  • Instead of enjoying outdoor activities, you can opt for indoor activities and sightseeing places such as museums, art galleries, and research institutes to get useful insights into the scientific knowledge, culture and heritage of Dehradun.

Winter in Dehradun (October to March)

Winter in Dehradun is awesome for tourists seeking chilly weather and the bliss of snowcapped mountains. Unfortunately, snowfall doesn’t happen in Dehradun but it is a beautiful entry point to explore amazing nearby snowfall destinations like Mussoorie, Landour, Binsar, Khirsu Peoria, etc. Sightseeing becomes pleasing in this weather. You will also get a chance to indulge in scenic treks such as Bali Pass Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, etc. Camping in Dehradun’s beautiful valleys and enjoying blissful bonfire nights with your loved ones would be the most cherished moments of your lifetime in winter.

Travel Tips for winter holidays in Dehradun:

  • Pack woollen clothes, body warmers, gloves, mufflers, and puffy jackets in winter.
  • You must explore snowfall destinations located near Dehradun to enjoy amazing snow adventure activities such as snowboarding, and skiing.
  • One can also enjoy trekking in winter in Dehradun such as Bali Pass Trek and Dayara Bugyal Trek etc.

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