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One of the most visited places on Earth, the country of Cambodia boasts of rich history, tranquil and ancient temples and natural beauty to enchant tourists on Tour Packages throughout the year. The natural diversities, landscapes, culture and traditions of Cambodia are biggest attractions on Tour Packages.

Angkor Wat is the primary attraction for tourists on Tour Packages, with 50 towers ancient Angkor Wat Temple is a treat to watch situated at the center of the town. Huge pyramid of Takeo, in the center of the forest is Ta Prohm, King’s bathing pond Sras Srang, Banteay Kdei and an elegant temple of Prasat Kravan are other attractions of Angkor Wat. This fortified city has five monumental gates decorated by stone elephant trunks and each gate is 20 meter high, built in 7th Century this is a wonderful place to visit on Cambodia Tour Packages.

If one wants to see the natural beauty of Cambodia Ratanakiri is the best place to be. Dotted with hills, mountains, watershed lowlands, lakes created by craters and scenic waterfalls this place is captivating for nature lovers on Cambodia Holiday Packages. Kachang waterfall is a beautiful place with mist surrounding the place and water falling from a height to flow into river Sre Pok. Yeak Loam Lake is another natural attraction of this place, a serene natural spot with lots of greenery around the lake which was formed by volcanic eruption. Ratanakiri is a must visit place on Cambodia Tour Package.

Sihanoukville is a coastal town and place visited by tourists in bulk as it offers many enticing beaches for visitors on Tour Packages. Very wide and 1 Km long beach of Sokha is one of the favorite beaches of tourists on Cambodia Holiday Packages, this beach is so wide that one can relax and enjoy on sand even during high tides. Ochheuteal and Independence beach are other popular places to enjoy sun, sand, water and greenery of Cambodia.

Battambang is the second largest city of Cambodia with innumerable places to visit and best place to feel the cultural heritage of the country on Tour Packages. Situated on the banks of Sangker River this place has lakes, temples, ancient buildings, museums and many other places to see. Some of the premier attractions of the city includes, Barseat Temple, built in 11th century, it is an example of architectural excellence of Cambodian people and must see place on Cambodia Travel Packages. Wak Ek Temple Ba Nan Temple, Snung Pagoda and Prasat Snung are other popular attractions of this place not to be missed on Cambodia Tour Packages.

Cambodia Tour Package is not complete without exploring the beautiful and ancient city of Phnom Penh, situated at the meeting point of Mekong, Bassac and Tonle Sap River this city is reckoned as Gem of South East Asia due to its cultural richness and its beauty, charm and magical splendor. Some of the famous attractions of this city are the Royal Palace, situated on the banks of Mekong River this is a beautiful historic architecture, Prasat Neang Khmao also called as Temple of Black Virgin or Goddess Kali, the Silver Pagodas or Emerald Buddha and the National Museum exhibiting some exquisite collection of ancient Cambodian art.

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