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Morocco has many destinations for tourists to enjoy on Tour Packages. This country has natural landscapes, cultural sites, mountain peaks, sprawling forests and wonderful coast line to provide memorable time on Morocco Tour Packages. With Mediterranean Sea at the backdrop and long rich history, the charm of this country draws tourists on Tour Package from all over the world and over and over again.

Rabat is the present capital of the country and was built in 12th century having many attractions for tourists on Morocco Travel Packages. The minaret of an incomplete 12th century mosque called as Tour Hassan, the Chellah is a place with Roman ruins, delightful gardens and wonderful monuments are popular places to visit. Rabat is also famous for its fabulous gates built centuries ago, the Gate of the Ambassadors and Oudaias Kasbah Gate are most famous amongst all. The Mohammed V Mausoleum is an outstanding example of Moroccan architecture, the Royal Palace and many fort and castles around the city are not to miss attractions of Rabat on Morocco Tour Package. Mamora forests lies on the outskirts of the city and is a popular destination along with exotic beaches, during summer these beaches are perfect place to relax on Morocco Travel Package.

Fes in Morocco is the oldest and the most interesting city for visitors on Tour Packages. Built in 8th century this place has all the charm of an ancient city, it has history and mystery more than any other place in Morocco. Nejjarine Square and fountain, the Er Rasif Mosque, Andalous Mosque, the Royal Palace, the Kasbah and Dar Beth Museum are chief attractions of this magical city. The old city area of Fes is in UNESCO world heritage list, the windy streets with bustling covered markets and ancient mosques this place is full of magnificent structures of Hispanic-Arabic architecture. Medina Bazaar is the biggest market in the world and there are many things which tourists can purchase on Morocco Holiday Package. On the North of this fascinating city the valley of Ouergha is another not to miss attraction along with ancient mosques and interesting shopping places on Morocco Tour Packages.

Marrakech too was once capital of Morocco and today very interesting tourist destination on Tour Packages. This city not only offers captivating historical places but also provides outdoor activities to enjoy. The 12th century mosque Koutoubia dominates city’s skyline and is higher than Notre Dam. Another very exciting and sometimes bewildering place is the City Square or Djeema el Fenaa meaning ‘the place of the dead’, this place comes alive in the night with dance and music shows, fortunetellers, storytellers, acrobats and snake charmers, it is an exotic spectacle and not to be missed in Marrakech. The area on UNESCO world heritage list is full or architectural master pieces and has a large Medina which is not to be missed on Morocco Holiday Package.

The city of Meknes is full of castles and fortresses along with UNESCO world heritage site. This city is also one of the imperial cities of the country and has many historical attractions for tourists. For beach fun tourists on Morocco Tour Package head to El Jadida which has a beautiful Portuguese fort and exotic beaches on Atlantic coast.

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