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Shopping in Haridwar is a culturally enriching experience. The bustling markets of Haridwar showcase the rich spiritual wealth and cultural heritage of India. Here, you encounter a diverse array of products from religious goods, Souvenirs, Mementos, Puja Samagris to colourful handicrafts and Skillful craftsmanship in the form of brassware wooden carvings and traditional clothes, etc. Indeed, you will get a blissful experience of shopping in Haridwar. It has something for everyone.

Here is a list of the most popular shopping destinations in Haridwar

1. Moti Bazaar

Moti Bazaar is usually a shopper’s first destination in Haridwar. This busy market is well known for its fantastic collection of Pooja products, especially made with copper and brass decorative idols. Apart from the extraordinary array of stalls displaying products ranging from colourful glasses and bangles to cane baskets, visitors may also enjoy traditional sweets at this location. Moreover, the market presents culinary delights, pickles, and Ayurvedic medicines for spiritual plus earthly requirements.

2. Jwalapur

Another shopping destination in Haridwar is Jwalapur, where customers are up to be swept away by a vivid tapestry of well-made products and mementos. The market is also adorned with fresh vegetables, restaurants, and sweet shops to create a visual sense of festivity. If you are looking for extraordinary souvenirs or tasty meals, Jwalapur offers a delightful shopping experience.

3. Bara Bazaar

No shopping trip in Haridwar is complete without visiting Bara Bazaar, a vibrant market full of various souvenirs and handcrafted items. In this, the shoppers can discover a large array of Haridwari, Kashmiri, and Himachali valuables including woollen materials along with handicraft articles serving as decorations ornaments, and weaving products. However, Bara Bazaar is still very popular among the locals and tourists offering a peek into the diverse cultures of this part of the world.

4. Kankhal

If you are looking for spiritual artifacts and sacred mementos, Kankhal is a must-see place. This ancient city is situated just three miles away from Haridwar and has many images of Lords together with sandalwood Rudraksha that are respected for their auspicious qualities. People can visit the town to witness its religious history and learn about the importance of Rudraksha in the Hindu religion.

5. Pentagon Mall

If looking for modern shopping, Pentagon Mall is Haridwar’s topmost destination. In this case, visitors can enjoy a wide range of cinemas, restaurants, and stores ranging from high-end fashion clothing to lifestyle accessories. Pentagon Mall also offers enough parking and disabled-friendly facilities, which makes shopping there convenient and pleasant for the whole family.

6. Tibetan Shopping Center

At the Tibetan Shopping Center in Haridwar, immerse oneself in the rich cultural fabric of Tibet; where original handicrafts and woollen products abound. This market reveals a wealth of Tibetan treasures, including hand-knitted woollen dresses and blankets as well as conventional fashion accessories that can make great mementos or give you an excuse to indulge yourself.

7. Bhagirathi Handloom

Wrap yourself with luxury and comfort by visiting Bhagirathi Handloom, the leading provider of premium quality woollen apparel along with bedding materials. Hand-knitted sweaters and Kashmiri shawls are the exact products that this handloom store provides to keep you warm in style. The caring staff and competitive rates at Bhagirathi Handloom guarantee a successful shopping trip for everyone.

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