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Rishikesh draws tourists not only for its spiritual and adventure tourism but also for its vibrant markets filled with amazing souvenirs, handicrafts, and cultural and spiritual products. Due to its multifaceted appeal, people love to visit Rishikesh. Shopping in Rishikesh is like a cultural journey. The markets of Rishikesh showcase the essence of spirituality with items imbued with meaning and tradition. You will find beautiful handicrafts depicting Hindu deities, aromatic incense sticks, yoga-related products, and other items evoking a connection to the cultural heritage of India. The bustling bazaars of Rishikesh never stop to captivate the hearts of shopaholics who traverse its markets.

Here is a list of shopping destinations in Rishikesh

1. Laxman Jhula Market

Streets around the monumental Laxman Jhula bridge of Rishikesh sprawl rich images of the Ganges River and also act as an active shopping market for visitors. In this peaceful atmosphere and spiritual aura, the Laxman Jhula Market tempts with charming goods. The market is brimming with stylish garments, wonderful bags, and glamorous jewellery, the visual experience of which simply takes one’s breath away. Moreover, the visitors can walk around stands selling Ayurveda oils and medications, which brings a sense of wellness to their shopping. Even though the market is full of activity from Monday to Saturday, it remains closed on Thursday, and hence all visitors get a chance to enjoy their place in Rishikesh.

2. Shri Gandhi Ashram Khadi Bhandar

Shri Gandhi Ashram Khadi Bhandar provides a nostalgic trip into the world of Khadi for people who want to experience India’s rich cultural heritage. Located in Rishikesh, this establishment champions the classic charm of Khadi through its brilliant range of garments apparel, and accessory products. The store demonstrates the multiplicity and stateliness of this ancient fabric from Khadi Kurtas and jackets to artisanal soaps and shampoos.

3. Ram Jhula Market

On the other side, Ram Jhula Market attracts customers with its intriguing assortment of products ranging from fashionable clothing and accessories to gemstones and books. In this heavenly environment of the Ram Jhula Bridge, one finds every facility in a single market that opens its door to all sorts of needs.

4. Rishikesh Main Market

Making their way into the hustle of Rishikesh, tourists can explore the bustling market near Triveni Ghat – a favourite amongst both locals and visitors. In this effervescent setting, buyers can find a veritable goldmine of bedspreads, curtains, garments, and ethnic jewellery all mirror the cultural mosaic so prevalent in these parts.

5. Garhwal Wool and Craft Shop

The Garhwal Wool and Craft Shop is an oasis for people looking to find warmth and comfort. It provides a wide selection of cozy woollen garments along with numerous handcrafted items. The shop boasts of the best Garhwali wool handloom products, from saris to rugs and even yoga mats.

6. Shyampur Haat Bazaar

On the other hand, Shyampur Haat Bazaar tempts tourists with its fresh produce and fragrant spices showcasing Rishikesh’s culinary culture. The market boasts an impressive variety of fruits, vegetables, and local spices that appeal to all senses making it perfect for either buying groceries or enjoying culinary treats.

7. Gole Market

While the sun sets over Rishikesh; Gole Market springs to life with night shopping for its visitors. Within this setting bustling with life, shoppers can roam through an array of traditional Indian dresses and accessories along with winter wear to fight against the cold winds in the evening hours. Gole Market offers a vibrant atmosphere and an exciting selection of goods for everyone to enjoy.

8. Sudha Chandran Mahal

Famous as a symbol of refinement and luxury in the surroundings of Rishikesh, Sudha Chandran Mahal is an authentic heaven for those who can appreciate fine gemstones. Located in the bustle of the city streets, this esteemed market draws visitors from all distances to bathe themselves with luxury and sophistication.

After enjoying a well-deserved day of exploration and peaceful rest at one of the renowned Rishikesh Hotels, unleash your senses with Sudha Chandran Mahal for every jewel is imbued with an age-old tale about classic beauty and skill. Here, during sparkling displays and shimmering showcases, one would find a myriad array of priceless pieces ranging from striking necklaces adorned with precious stones to skilfully created gift items that ooze elegance and attractiveness.

The market has a vast selection ranging from original stones, pearls, and true Rudraksha that emanate mysticism. Whether you want to have a one-of-a-kind piece for your outfit or are looking at gifting that special someone, Sudha Chandran Mahal brings the best of treasures as per every preference and occasion.

The market takes you on a journey of exploration and satisfaction; from semi-precious stones that personify natural beauty to Tulsi chains which signify spiritual meditation. Sudha Chandran Mahal is a reflection of its alluring appeal’s timeless craftsmanship with original stones and jewels.

9. Bhajan Sangam Music Shop

Rishikesh, considered a pilgrimage center for seekers of God finds peace in the symphonic chorus that echoes through its lush green valleys. Music forms an essential part of the city’s spiritual cord and finds its abode at Bhajan Sangam which is right in the heart of Rishikesh.

This one-of-a-kind market is devoted entirely to the craft of sound and presents a rich variety of traditional music genres encompassing an entire range. The Bhajan Sangam Music Shop has the perfect soundtrack for every soul whether it is string-stirring Hindustani classical or Western tunes, devotional Bhajans to trance rhythms.

Aside from its vast musical inventory, this shop can be considered an insurmountable repository of wisdom and enlightenment since it features CDs & DVDs covering yoga meditation as well as trance music.

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