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Taiwan has been a favorite destination for tourists on Tour Packages since long time. Taiwan is called ‘Ilha Formosa’ which means ‘Beautiful Isle’ in Portuguese which it really is, this island is adorned by soaring mountain peaks covered in mist and lush green forests with magnificent coastal land and basins. Spread in over 36 thousand sq. kilometer this island has population of more than 22 million. People of Taiwan have preserved their culture and heritage but have also kept themselves abreast with modernism, this is evident at once when one steps in this country on Tour Packages and which makes this even more enjoyable destination.

In the cities of Taiwan visitors on Tour Package comes across skyscrapers and malls and other commercial facilities which herald Taiwan’s economic status but ubiquitous pagodas, ancient temples and well preserved buildings show the deep roots of past and culture in the hearts of Taiwanese people. The country side has some breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, lakes, landscapes and dense forests which make it a fascinating place for tourists on Taiwan Tour Packages.

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and one of the most modern cities of Asia. Yangmingshan National Park is the prime attraction of this city for tourists as this place has vast mountain range which overlooks the city and add up to the beauty of this park. This park is a peaceful place and has variety of flora and fauna to enchant visitors on Taiwan Travel Packages, there are numerous hot springs in the park which provide soothing time away from hustle and bustle of the city.

National Palace Museum in Taipei is another destination visited by tourist on Taiwan Holiday Packages, this is museum and an art gallery, and is believed to possess maximum number of Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world. Some stunning exhibits of this place are carved olive-stone boat, Jade cabbage and painting of ‘One hundred Horses’. Dragon and Tiger pagodas in the city of Kaohsiung is another attraction for tourists on Taiwan Tour Packages, it is a seven tiered architecture with paintings of heaven, hell and 24 obedient sons. These pagodas lie in Lotus Pond accompanied by Tung Confucius Temple and Chi Ming pagoda.

Green Island is just at 10-12 minutes air ride away from Taipei and has beautiful beaches with fascinating coral reefs, rich flora and fauna and steep seaside cliffs. Aquatic life of Green Island is rich and famous and glass bottom boat ride make it an enjoyable place on Taiwan Travel Packages. Fort Santo Domingo is a historical site built in 16th century at the coastal town of Tamsui. This fort has interesting history and was won and destroyed quite a few times, today it has a museum and is an interesting place to visit on Taiwan Holiday Packages.

Sun Moon Lake in Nantau is another popular place to visit on Taiwan Tour Package, this lake covering an area a shade less than 8 Sq. KM is a mesmerizing place. The poetic setting of this lake and variety of birds that are seen around this lake make it a romantic and enchanting place for visitors. Close to lake is an area which is recognized as habitation of an Aboriginal Tribe called as Thao tribe.

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