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Tibet Tour Packages takes one to completely different world which is peaceful, calm and serene. Adorned with mesmerizing snow covered mountains, lush open grasslands, ancient Buddhist monasteries, unique wildlife and tranquil lakes, this place is a paradise. This place is called as Land of Gods and is the best place to understand Buddhist culture and religion. Far away from the clamor of urban civilization in the lap of nature there is no other place in the world like Tibet and it pulls thousands of visitors every year on Tour Packages to captivate them in its divine and whimsical charm.

Lhasa is the center of economic, social and political activity of Tibet, situated at the height of 1380 meters above sea level and at the bank of river Kyichu, it is a 1300 years old city. Apart from its natural beauty this place has many places to see on Tibet Travel Packages and Potala Palace is the most popular amongst them. Potala Palace is a majestic architectural work built in 7th century and renovated in 17th century. Mostly the work is of stone and timber but this massive structure is 13 storey high and 400 meter long and 350 meter wide sitting in all its majesty at the peak of Red Hill. Today this place is winter palace of Dalai Lamas, the topmost storey has golden roofs and glisten from the height of 117 meters.

Another popular place in Lhasa for tourists to visit on Tibet Holiday Packages is Jokhang Temple, this is another ancient construction built in 7th century, it is four storied amazing architecture. The murals inside the temple are antics and display the life of Kings and saints and preaching of Buddhism. This golden roof temple is spiritual center of the country and holiest destination for visitors on Tibet Travel Packages or for Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims. Drepung Monastery in Lhasa is another enchanting place to visit on Tibet Holiday Packages, this is the biggest monastery of the country and has historical relics, ancient Buddhist scriptures, arts and crafts.

Gyantse, Shigaste and Zhangmu town are situated at thousands of feet above sea level and have many monasteries and ancient architectures worth seeing on Tour Packages to Tibet including the fascinating beauty of the surrounding areas. The Himalayas stand and spray their charisma in Tibet like they do at none other place, Mt Everest and Mt. Kailash are two peaks famous for different reasons but sure places to see on Tour Packages. The landscapes of Himalayas in Tibet are quixotic and as many as eight peaks above 8000 meters height of Himalayan range are in this part of the world. Tranquil lake Mansarover, a sacred place for Hindu and Tibetan pilgrims on Mt. Kailash is famous for its serenity and divine beauty.

Tsetang valley is the oldest place in Tibet and one of the most visited place by tourists on Tour Packages because of its phenomenal beauty. Ruins of Guge Kingdom in Tsada are spread over an area of 180000 Sq. meters beholding five magnificent temples and more than 300 caves. Yamdok Yumtso is one of the three largest lakes of Tibet and treated as sacred lake lying close to Lhasa, this too is a must see place on Tour Packages.

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