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The hill station of Darjeeling which graces the lesser Himalayan region is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in West Bengal and even in North India. What makes a visit to Darjeeling special is the omnipresence of the crowning glory Kanchenjunga which sits on top of Darjeeling. From savoring spectacular sunrises to exploring the wilderness and getting in touch with your spiritual side, Darjeeling is everything you would want your holiday to be.

However the secret and often overlooked part of any holiday is the weather conditions, it can make or break your holiday.

Here is everything you need to know about the weather conditions in Darjeeling including the best time for you to visit.

April to June

If you are planning on visiting Darjeeling during these months then you will be greeted with sunshine, warmth, and clear skies. It is actually an ideal time for you to plan a summer vacation with your family. If you are an outdoor enthusiast then this is a great time to indulge in activities such as hiking, trekking, sightseeing, and shopping. The temperature during this time remains on average from 7 to 25 degrees celsius, so you can imagine it as being a cool and relaxing time of the year. The best part? During this time the tea gardens are lush and the skies are so clear that you may even be thrilled to see the glorious mount Kanchenjunga in its full glory.

July to September

July to September is the time when the entire Indian subcontinent is blessed with refreshing rainfall or monsoon season. But does that make Darjeeling’s visit difficult? Absolutely not! If you are smart enough to check the weather beforehand and plan your holidays according to the sunny day windows you get then this experience would be nothing like it. With the temperature ranging between 11 to 27 degrees celsius, if you are not looking for an adventure or are concerned about the sudden rainfall or landslides, then this is the time of the year you should avoid traveling to Darjeeling at all cost.

October to March

If you are looking to enjoy the chill Himalayan winter, then this is the time for you! As the mercury dips and Darjeeling gets engulfed in pure winter vibes, is exactly the time when you get to experience the Himalayan beauty it truly is. With the temperature varying from 3 to 28 degrees celsius, chilly cool winter is guaranteed. You can go exploring the snow-capped peaks or walk around in literally empty sightseeing tourist destinations because this is also the time when tourism is minimal. So you feel like the entire place is reserved just for you. If the cold weather doesn’t bother you then Darjeeling during the winter months is something you will savor.

Best time to visit Darjeeling

So when exactly is the best time for you to visit Darjeeling? Keeping all the information in mind, it all depends on you, who you are traveling with and when you can afford to go on holiday without any problem. However, if it is sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities that you are looking for then the best time to visit for you would be during the spring-summer months of March to June or just before the arrival of the monsoon.

Traveling on the hills during the monsoon season should be avoided at all costs due to unpredictable weather changes, sudden landslides, or any other weather-related unfortunate event.

The climate in Darjeeling

Summer Season – Speaking of the best time to visit Darjeeling, it has to be the summertime. Although the influx of tourists is the most during this time, you will also get to experience Darjeeling’s spirit, vigour, and culture in all its glory. It is also the best time to go on exciting hikes, treks to places beyond Darjeeling, and check out the incredible natural Himalayan beauty.

Monsoon Season – When it comes to the monsoon season, not just Darjeeling, traveling to any hill station should be given some more thought. Darjeeling gets covered in incessant rainfalls and it even gets difficult to see the open sky for 10 days during the extreme monsoon times of June, July, and August. However, if you are traveling on a budget and weather is not a concern for you then the monsoon is the time when tourism in Darjeeling is at its lowest and you will get to avail yourself of some amazing deals on various Darjeeling tour packages.

Winter Season – If snow-capped mountains, chilled nights and crisp winter air is something you wish to cherish, then Darjeeling in the wintertime is just the vibe for you. It is a great time for people looking to get away from the chaos of city life and tourists to get some peace of mind while also relaxing your time on the hillside. This is also the time when snow-capped mountains are turned into the ground for snowboarding, skiing, and other snow activities.

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