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Tourists from all across India love to visit Nainital not only for tourism but also for its authentic regional dishes, North Indian dishes, bakeries, and unique local flavours.  Food of Nainital is a feast for the taste buds. If you visit Nainital in Uttarakhand someday remember to taste these local delicacies. These dishes are not just meals, but also tales about the lively and tasty culture of this region.

Here is a list of popular foods of Nainital

Aloo Tamatar Ka Jhol

Just picture this – a cozy mix of potatoes and tomatoes that is like an embracing touch for your taste buds. It is a simple dish that makes it easy to prepare and requires less time, especially after having come back from an arduous trail. And the people in Uttarakhand truly know how to prepare something that is not only delicious but also stimulating.

Bun Tikki

Whenever you fancy some Indian version of hamburgers be sure to pay a visit at Bun Tikki. In essence, it is a sandwich of Aloo Tikki in between burger buns – a street delicacy that the natives and visitors can never get enough of. Make your way to Lakshmi Restaurant in Mallital for a burst of flavours typified by the freshly made bun Tikki.

Black and White Roti

Now, this is a different kind of roti. Imagine the perfect harmony, a mix of wheat and Mandua Flour working together to create these mouth-watering filled rotis. They are then lavishly drenched with Desi ghee or butter. It’s a mouth party of flavours, an absolute northerner specialty.


Dessert lovers should try out Arsa. It is a dessert widely served on all occasions and festivals, made with mustard oil, and Jaggery Rice. What is awesome about this dish though, is both a delicious and healthier option that uses natural sweeteners such as honey together with mustard oil instead of artificial alternatives.

Bhang Ki Chutney

The restaurant is as diverse in its offerings as the hills are for which it stands. Spices it up with Bhang Ki Chutney – a spicy sauce that will make your taste buds jump. Packed with various spices and ingredients, it is the perfect side to Pahadi dishes that will leave you completely enthralled.


If you are looking for a hearty and comforting meal, Phaanu is the way to go. However, it is a delicacy made of lentils blended with the trick being soaking them overnight before preparing. Phaanu is served as a soupy rice meal which will cast its spell on your taste buds. It is like a bowl of warm, delicious hugs.

Kandalee Ka Saag

Picture a meal that is not only teeming with flavour but also scores high on the nutrition chart. Such is Kandalee Ka Saag. It is like your normal leafy vegetable with a touch of uniqueness. It is the use of Bichhu Ghas that differentiates it and gives it its special taste. Not only is it delicious, but it is vitamin-rich to supercharge your immune system.

Jhangora Ki Kheer

Jhangora Ki Kheer is for you if you like sweet stuff. This Garhwali sweet not only smells incredible but also surely raises a touch of sweets in almost every meal. From Kheer, it is Millet that shines and textures the dish. And guess what? It is not just sugary joy; it has nutrients as well because milk was used.

Kumaoni Raita

Today, we’re going to focus on an essential part of every meal in Uttarakhand – Kumaoni Raita. This is a simple yet very important dish made from yogurt, turmeric, and cucumber. Yes, it’s healthy for you but the wonderful taste keeps pulling me back. This is one of those kind of side dishes that enhances every bite you eat.

Bhat Ki Churkani

If you are going to the Kumaon region, do not skip Bhat Ki Churkani – a famous dish that is honoured in special celebrations of the Pahadi people’s life. Imagine this – a mixture of rice paste and black Bhat or soybean with tempered fresh herbs, ghee, and chopped onions. It’s an explosion of flavour, even more so when combined with rice and copious amounts of dribbling of ghee. This dish represents the soul of festivities in the hills.

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