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Whether you are a skiing enthusiast, a nature lover, or a foodie looking for new culinary adventures – Auli has something interesting for every kind of traveller. It is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. One can never get bored in Auli, its scenic landscapes, snow-capped mountains, authentic cuisines, serene ambiance, and thrilling adventures take you to the world of euphoria.

Try these traveling tips for enriching your Auli trip and making memorable moments of your lifetime.

Check the Weather

Auli, tucked in the Garhwal Himalayas, has different kinds of weather conditions throughout the year. It is especially favourable to winter sports, particularly ski lovers; however, one must keep an eye on the forecast in order not to be caught by surprise by bad weather. While snowfall is good for skiing, one also needs to be wary of blizzards that might sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Just like that, monsoon season, which occurs mainly between July and September brings a lot of rain, and the risk of landslides making this time undesirable to travel to be safe.

Where to Stay

Auli has various types of accommodation ranging from simple guesthouses to luxury resorts like the Auli Resort. Nevertheless, your stay needs to be scheduled according to your budget and inclinations. Being in Auli gives you a chance to be in the breathtaking panoramas yet it is also expensive, especially for the peak tourist season. On the contrary, Joshimath, a nearby town, provides cheaper places to stay and a busy market. You should book your accommodation in advance, particularly during high season, to avoid last-minute headaches. Also, there are no ATMs in Auli so it is wise to carry enough cash with you or withdraw money from ATMs in Joshimath before going to Auli.

What to Pack

Bringing the right clothing and other essentials is very crucial for a good and pleasant trip to Auli. In winter the woollens are a must-have for one to survive amidst the snow-blanketed scenery. Besides that, spending on a durable pair of walking or sports shoes will be a good idea due to the nature of the terrain here. Likewise, you should carry basic first-aid for common ailments such as the flu, headaches, and stomach problems as medical help could be scarce in Auli.

Food Options

Even though Auli might not provide a wide variety of dining options, Joshimath offers several restaurants serving delightful Garhwali cuisine and other dishes. Many culinary adventures within the region are worth trying. From classical Garhwali Thalis to piping hot Momos, there is something to tease each taste bud in Joshimath.

Protect the Environment

The awe-inspiring, unblemished beauty and sensitive environment of Auli should be highly acknowledged and safeguarded. As responsible travellers, we need to reduce our ecological footprint by practicing ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. This is also taking care of waste, not throwing garbage around, and respecting wildlife homes. We protect Auli’s natural environment so that the beauty of the place remains for generations to come.

Navigate Smartly

Technology can be a great navigational aid but caution is never to be neglected, more so in isolated mountainous locations like Auli. Even though Google Maps is useful, it cannot be trusted in high-altitude regions. Thus, one should make sure directions are accurate by asking locals and downloading alternative maps. It guarantees easy and secure navigation regardless of connection speed.

Best Time to Visit

Auli’s beauty surmounts seasons, bringing in a new and unique experience with every season of the year. Winter is perfect for skiing lovers, having the entire territory covered with the snow layer. Yet, whatever the season might be, Auli’s beauty glitters in everything – from the brilliant greens of spring and summer to the warm hues of fall. Based on your preferences and interests you can plan your visit. Also, by traveling during the off-season (July to November) you will benefit from fewer crowds and cheaper accommodation.

Medical Assistance

However, Auli has panoramic views as well as thrilling adventures but it’s important to pay equal attention to your health and fitness. Medical aid is available in Joshimath which is close by. It is also wise to carry some basic medicines and a first aid kit in case of emergencies. The most common ailments like altitude sickness, colds, and minor injuries can be treated with the proper preparations and precautions.

Mobile Network

Auli has good mobile coverage as some of the major providers which include BSNL, Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone offer services in the region. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that network reception may be weak, particularly in faraway places and during outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking. Consequently, you should let your family know at least your travel plans and bear in mind low connectivity as well.

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