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Haridwar is not only renowned for its spiritual significance but also extends its allure beyond the realms of divinity to the nourishment of the palate. The wholesome cuisine of Haridwar seamlessly syncs with the city’s cultural traditions. Food in Haridwar is a feast for both the soul and taste buds.

While tourists and pilgrims flock to experience the divine vibes of temples and the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, they are pleasantly surprised to discover a variety of cuisines, and street food that showcase the rich traditions and cultural diversity of the city.

Haridwar boasts of North Indian cuisines, world-famous street food snacks, Chinese food, and continental and Sattvic food, aligning with the city’s spiritual ethos. The traditional dishes of Uttarakhand further elevate the dining experience ensuring that a visit to Haridwar is a holistic experience for culinary nourishment.

Aloo Puri

The popularity of Aloo Puri peaks the most in Haridwar, especially among the residents of North India; people there really adore this dish! This dish is a delicacy from the street food of Haridwar and is also very popular at lunchtime such that it is also preferable during dinner. What’s the magic? They instantly fry this yummy bread known as puris and then prepare the perfect complimentary side – Aloo Ki Sabzi (spicy potato curry).

Oh and here’s a little bonus: Sometimes, they bring you halva by the side to add more sweetness.

Therefore, while in Haridwar, you have an excellent chance to have Aloo Puri which is very tasty. (In other words) It is must have and your taste buds will thank you. It’s like a tasting party in your mouth and why not has it when you are on a holiday anyway? Enjoy!


Haridwar’s street food is as great as the street food in Delhi. One of the most famous snacks of Haridwar is Kachodi. It is served with Sabzi (vegetable curry) and chutney that makes it unique. Here’s the cool part: You do not have to wait for some specific time to enjoy this tasty treat. It’s a very quick and tasty snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. But here’s a little insider info for you: Many of the locals would thus classify it as one of their breakfast staples. In case you are willing for an actual thrill then simply wake up the alarm slightly early and proceed to the restaurants at Har Ki Pauri Ghat.

Ras Malai, Rabri & Jalebi

Quite generally, Haridwar is heaven for every candy lover! You can have some of the fancy desserts when you’re here as well. Jalebi, Ras Malai, and Rabri, these aren’t just generic sweet dishes but they are made with pure ghee guaranteeing their richness and flavour. And the best part? They serve them fresh!

If you end up with just one or with some of them on your plate, you will come for more. Yep, they’re that good! Each nibble tastes like on earth an angel is kissing your tongue and it never stops blessing you. Therefore, while being in Haridwar make sure you do not miss the opportunity to have these delicious sweets. Your sweet tooth will always appreciate this till you die.

Chole Bhature

Haridwar is a literal food town that offers many local delicacies ready to be consumed. Almost everyone adores Chhole Bhature in North India and they are a must-have. Alternatively, if you want to get a little fancy, you can also order some sweet Kheer or a cool lassi on the side. Here’s a tip: On the bright side, you should keep out of the busy local restaurants. It will get crowded.

Lassi & Kulhar Milk

Haridwar is also renowned for its delicious milk and dairy products; hence you should try them out when you are there. They have all kinds of delicacies like lassi and also hot foamed milk in traditional ceramic pots (Kulhar). All that you desire is right within your grasp. And here’s a pro tip: Indicate whether you want the drink to be savory or sweet and also the proportion of each.


The street food of Haridwar is a sheer joy. They offer golgappas, papri chaat, dahi vadas and also aloo tikkis. It is like a giant blast of flavors in the mouth. One bite won’t satisfy your craving as these chaat choices are so scrumptious that you will need a second serving. You can have all these at any time that you want. So the best time to enjoy them is therefore when it’s just about midday and before lunch or during the early evening before dinner.


Samosas! People here are overly obsessed with them. These chewy delight treats are the perfect snacks any time of the day. And they are even more amazing with the Mint and tamarind chutney (Imli). Hence the samosas in Haridwar are nothing but little heavenly bites. They have a very unique kind of taste which gives it an extra edge and makes them extremely delicious. No worries if you don’t like the spicy stuff. One of the alternatives is the sweet samosas in Haridwar. Yes, you got it – sweet and savoury are both in the crispy envelopes. It’s a party in your mouth! Therefore, samosas in Haridwar can be preferred whether you are fond of something hot or sweet for they take care of all variants.

Stuffed Parathas

In Haridwar don’t miss to taste the fantastic parathas, the breakfast food that Northern Indians are crazy about. The parathas are not any more ordinary; they are stuffed with diverse things like along with potato, cheese, cauliflower, and onion. Who would have thought that these little sweet treats hide warm, fluffy bread in them – a real flavour explosion! Hence, the way to appreciate these parathas in Haridwar is to eat them when hot. These parathas are great to eat any time of day – whether early in the morning or noon. So, if you are in Haridwar then get a plate and have them!

Flavored Kulfi

Kulfis in Haridwar are famous for their taste. The desserts are the last course of your meal, and you will wish for another bite. Picture this: Well, the creamy variants of kulfis come in several flavors, including Malai, pista, and so on. Yup, they do have an extensive menu! They can be eaten from a matka or on a stick – your choice.

Another plus – if you don’t want to eat the desserts alone, the Kulfi will be accompanied by a falooda. It’s delectable with the yogurt ice-cream Flavoured Kulfi and the interesting textures of falooda. Thus, have a delicious meal here in Haridwar and later take some kulfis as the dessert. No worries, this is going to be one fantastic dessert memory you won’t forget 🙂

Mulberry Khomcha

While roaming around Haridwar makes sure to try out the Mulberry Khomcha; this is an interesting thing to do. It would not be the most preferred but all the locals appreciate it. You will see the street vendors selling these palatable baskets of fresh mulberries. It is like a piece of candy that you can just munch on as you go around the city. It is also nutritious.

If you love healthy and tasty food, the Mulberry Khomcha is best for you. The taste of mulberries is something that very easily gets to your mind on the scale of memories, and it is also very refreshing. Well, try it and you better start feeling a need to eat one more. If you are a food lover who is looking for something new then Mulberry Khomcha should be a must-try food item in Haridwar.

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