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Anyone can go off on a vacation to any destination in India or elsewhere in the world. It is only the select few, the crème de la crème that can truly experience the most luxurious of holidays. It is luxury cruises that are the last word in travel, conjuring up visions of a glorious past, of rich and elegant people, of gracious lifestyles and life on a ship that befits royalty. Our Cruise Holidays Packages are truly worth exploring.

India offers a range of luxury cruise experiences that even the most seasoned traveler will find different and exciting. Our range of Cruise Holidays Packages in India is bound to satisfy every taste and offer a mosaic of experiences not to be found in traditional holidays.

Think of the Sunderbans, an entirely different world, and ecosystems, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that becomes enchanting when you explore it in the luxury of a watercraft, a luxurious boat outfitted with virtually all amenities and trappings that one thinks of. You get to live like royalty on board the boat, watch the Royal Bengal Tigers and hundreds of other species of birds and animals. If you would rather sail the seas in style than a cruise on the Oberoi MV Vrinda is the height of luxury. It is a replica of the ocean-going giant cruise ships of the past and a week or more of luxurious life at its very best. Navigating rivers can also be an elevating experience such as when you get aboard the MV Paramhansa and cruise along the Ganges, the holiest of rivers in India. Life along the Ganga changes as you sail along while enjoying luxuries aboard the boat.

If sailing the Ganga is one way to sample luxuries of life, then sailing on the Brahmaputra River in Assam is an entirely different experience. Get aboard the MV Mahabaahu to know what it is like to traverse the river and experience river life in all its dimensions. It is simply unforgettable.

A luxurious cruise on the MV Kavaratti along the Lakshadweep islands is just out of this world. This is a grand, modern luxury cruise ship with all the trappings of extreme grandeur inside. Couple this with views and experiences outside and you have a heady cocktail mix.

You do not have to join any luxury Indian cruise. You can just as well opt for international sea cruises, fly to Singapore or other places, get aboard one of the best luxury liners and have a week or so of extreme enjoyment. In fact, life will never be the same again if you opt for any of our Cruise Holidays Packages.