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Gaya is not only a pilgrimage destination but also a soulful destination for shopping lovers where the cultural richness of markets blows one’s heart away. If you are a Shopaholic, you will see a blissful melody of colours in the markets of Gaya. The markets of Gaya reflect the city’s cultural richness and India’s spiritual heritage. You will see pieces of Gaya’s heritage within the traditional handicrafts, artifacts, and jewellery. The markets give a chance to embrace the warmth of local culture and the essence of Gaya’s soul.

What to Expect From the Markets of Gaya

Gaya is a popular place to indulge in shopping. Tourists from all over the world love Gaya for its simplicity and traditional charm. Visitors who come to Gaya for shopping find beautiful handicrafts, traditional clothes, religious artifacts, and idols of God. The market shows the spiritual essence of Gaya in most of the products. The market landscape of Gaya tries to showcase the beauty of local craftsmanship and heritage of India. You will find many unique items prepared by local artisans that are only religion and culture-specific in Gaya.

List of Some Popular Markets of Gaya

Gola Bazaar

Gola Bazaar is one of the popular markets in Gaya. It is famous among the villagers from nearby villages and locals. Out of many shops in the bazaar, the most prominent one is Pramod Alankar Jewellers. It is the oldest jewellery shop in the location. You will find everything from everyday stuff to awe-inspiring traditional jewellery at the stalls.

If you are in the mood for more shopping spree, Sindoor Saree Showroom is your one-stop destination for beautiful Sarees, Dresses, Salwars, and Lehengas. They also got local embroidery and stuff from the nearby town to captivate the shopaholics. Those who love the artsy crafts from the hills, head to Kashmiri & Tibetan Handicrafts Store.

If you love Malls, then Jain Pick up Center and Kumar Pick up Center are a haven for shoppers. From trending clothes to the latest gadgets, the malls cater to every age group and preferences. Gola Bazar in Gaya is a perfect blend of traditions and modernity to amaze your curious mind.

Tibetan Refugee Market

You must shop at the Tibetan Refugee Market. Bodhgaya is only 10 km from Gaya. It is a seasonal market set in November and rests till March. Tourists from far away come here to shop for seasonal and traditional products. You will get a variety of handicrafts, souvenirs, winter wear, metal and sandalwood idols of Lord Buddha, and fashion lifestyle products. It is also a place to enjoy delicious Tibetan and Chinese food.

Every item resonates with Tibetan culture. You will also get junk jewellery, books, replicas of the Mahabodhi tree, idols of Hindu deities, and lucky charms. Indeed, it’s a perfect place to shop for your near and dear ones.

Bombay Bazaar Mall

Bombay Bazaar is a famous family-centric haven. Those planning a trip to Gaya must visit Bombay Bazaar once in a lifetime. Every family member finds their delight. The bazaar caters to all age groups. They have an extensive women’s clothing collection, an adorable kid’s clothing line, and elegant collections of men’s clothing. They also have an exquisite collection of home decor products, essentials from your daily life, etc. for a holistic shopping journey.

Kundan Bazar

Kundan Bazaar is within a guest house named Kundan Bazaar guest house. It is one of the most popular markets in Gaya to shop for traditional handicrafts, intricately designed jewellery, embroidered textiles, woodwork, pottery, and exquisite souvenirs to gift your loved ones. The shop is small, yet its popularity transcends the mainstream markets in Gaya. It is like a secret home to look for the authentic heartbeat of Local Gaya.

Money-Saving Tips for an Awesome Trip in Gaya

You can make the most of your shopping experiences in Gaya without breaking the bank if you allocate a proper budget for shopping in Gaya. Gaya’s market offers distinctive cultural experiences to tourists.

As a tourist, we might get excited to spend more in Gaya’s colourful markets. We must consider our budget limit to avoid overspending. It is advisable to prioritize what matters for a seamless shopping experience in Gaya’s market.

Mentioned below are the tried and tested money-saving tips for a delightful shopping experience in Gaya.

  • While roaming in the markets of Gaya, you need to master the art of bargaining. Politely haggle for better prices, especially in the Tibetan Refugee market.
  • Consider buying thoughtful and compact souvenir items that convey the essence of Gaya. Everything is not worth spending.
  • In Gaya, you will see the same items in different shops. Before shopping, check the shops carefully. Vendors may offer similar items at varying prices. It is beneficial to check which stall is offering a better deal. If you visit markets in off-peak hours, you might get a chance of a sagging pocket-friendly deal.
  • People go crazy for mainstream tourist center areas. There is nothing wrong with that. If you love spending on a budget, you must go to local markets in Gaya. They offer better prices over the tourist center areas.
  • The less travelled path unfolds offbeat markets where local artisans sell unique items at local prices. Use local transportation options to get to and from the markets. You can also opt for packed snacks to curb the impulse on food while exploring markets in Gaya.

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