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One of the most pious cities in the country, Varanasi is nestled beautifully on the banks of River Ganga. This revered city in Uttar Pradesh exhibits its eccentric traits through unmatched traditions, rituals, and the culture. Nestled on the northern belt of India, Varanasi witnesses a huge influx of tourists thronging from different corners of the globe. However, this northern city witnesses the extreme climatic conditions marked by cold winters and very hot summers.

Even though it gets too crowded during the peak season yet the most recommended time to discover the wonders of this spiritual city is with the onset of winter months.

Varanasi In Summer – April Till June

Summer in Varanasi is dry, humid, and sunny with the temperature ranging between 32 and 46 degree Celsius. Travelers normally avoid planning their trip to Varanasi in the summer months i.e. between April and June. May and June considered to be the hottest months of the year and “loo”, the hot dry winds blow across the area that makes it pretty difficult to complete the city sightseeing tour.

Locals and tourists prefer taking holy bath in River Ganga and visiting the ancient temples during this season only. There is a very old tradition followed by Hindus in the city that taking bath in this divine river washes all your committed sins and blesses you with positivity and goodness.

Walking along the ghats especially the Panchganga Ghat (holy confluence of five invisible rivers) at dusk fills your heart and soul with refreshing aura and positivity.

Varanasi In Monsoon – July, August, And September

The temperature of the city starts falling down with the onset of monsoon months and this is the time when the real beauty of the city gets drenched out amazingly. It is quite unpleasing and difficult to travel around the city in the monsoon months but the travelers are very much attracted with the blossoming charm and freshness of the city.

Despite receiving regular showers during these months, the climate is quite humid as well. Photogenic travelers find this divine land at the prime time during monsoon season.

Varanasi In Winter – November Till March

Those who are excited to discover the star attractions of this spiritual capital of India shall plan their trip during the winter months i.e. between November and March. However, one cannot see snowfall in the city and wind from the Himalayan ranges adds more coldness to the region. One can discover the spiritual charm and the best of the city during these months for sure.

The chain of temples seated on the shores of the river amidst massive fog is a great site to experience and capture some amazing moments for your travel frames.

Best Time to Visit Varanasi

October to March is the most recommended and preferred time to plan your Varanasi tour but if you don’t mind hot and humid climate then you can also think of April and May to enjoy several religious activities and celebrations.

Fairs and Festivals in Varanasi

Sankat Mochan Music Festival

Varanasi celebrates Sankat Mochan Music Festival every year on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. This celebration continues for four nights where you can enjoy listening to some really melodious and soul soothing music for the whole night. The festival attracts several maestros of Indian Classical Dance and Music such as Pandit Jasraj and Birju Maharaj.

Ramnagar Ramlila

Ramlila is a traditionally performed set of plays that represents the entire journey of Lord Ram’s Journey as stated in the Ramayana, the holy epic. It is believed that this 200-year-old traditional play inhibited under the patronage of the Royal House of Banaras. Performed on a huge scale, Ramlila attracts thousands of people from all around the country and this number increases year after year.

However, this traditional play performance happens to continue for ten days but in Ramnagar, this stretches for almost a month. The celebration starts on the very first day of Navratri and ends with Dussehra, an auspicious occasion that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Ganga Mahotsav

One of the most happening occasions to represent the cultural heritage of the Gangetic plains and those who are excited to know more about the tradition, culture, and heritage of Varanasi, also called as Kashi. The celebration of this festival is organized by the Mahotsav Samiti of the Department of Tourism of UP government.

This five-day long festival continues for five days where locals get to enjoy the traditional dance and music shows offering them a soulful experience the goodness of which is difficult to discover. The celebration commences in Kartik month on the grand occasion of Prabodhini Ekadashi. People can enjoy participating in this occasion at several ghats of the city to experience the cultural heritage of the city.

People from every religion come from all across the country and foreign countries to witness the charm and glory of this spiritual capital of India.

Things to Do in Varanasi

The city offers you a vast array of activities including evening Ganga Arti ceremony at the ghats, taking a boat ride on River Ganges, lip-smacking street foods, and many more.

  • Boat Ride: One of the must not miss out activities to do in Varanasi, taking a boat ride on the holiest river refreshes your soul and mind with positive aura. Witnessing the mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset makes your trip more memorable.
  • Holy dip in River Ganga: Hindus believe that taking dip in the river washes their sins or any wrongdoings and cleanse your soul spiritually. The city is home to almost 84 ghats bestowed with staircases leading you to the river where people from all around the nation come to take dip.
  • Visiting Temples: More than 2000 temples are established in the city and this makes it one of the most sought religious destinations in India. There are endless number of interesting and surprising tales associated with the construction of these structures where devotees visit to offer prayers to the almighty and seek the blessings.
  • Treating taste buds with street foods: Varanasi is pretty much popular for its traditional and simple street foods that include Pani Puri, Aloo Chaat, Bhel Puri, Bhang Lassi, and more such items. Your holiday in Varanasi is never ever complete if you don’t try these street foods by sitting along the ghats and enjoying the spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset.
  • Explore Banaras Silk Emporium: Besides being so popular for its ancient temples and ghats, the city is globally famous for its silk products especially Varanasi Silk Sarees. You will be surprised to see that not only Indians are fond of these sarees but foreigners are found haggling for their silk product inside the emporium and even at the street side shops.

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