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Agra, the city popularly called as the land of love is bestowed with the magnificent Taj Mahal, the ultimate epitome of love. This gorgeous historical site is enlisted amongst seven astonishing wonders of the world. The site attracts mammoth crowd of travel enthusiasts coming from different nooks and corners of the world. The city is dotted with multiple historical monuments but this fact doesn’t only make it a place to explore.

The delectable cuisines and the mouth-watering eateries served by the city over more than hundred years make it a perfect holiday place for foodies. Agra is home to a huge range of local restaurants and hotels that serve you innumerable lip-smacking dishes and satisfy even the most critical food lovers. The city has been acknowledged as one of the most popular foods serving spots in the country by several connoisseurs.

We have prepared a shortlist of a few exciting eateries that one must try on their trip to Agra. Keep scrolling down the pages to check out the list of some famous foods of Agra.

List of 10 Traditional Cuisine of Agra


Serving Petha to the travelers is believed to be an aesthetic representation of the city’s love for sweets. Your Agra tour is always incomplete without tasting this iconic and pleasurable sweet food of the city. This sweet dish comes in a huge variety ranging from Paan to Kesar and if these two flavors aren’t satisfying enough then try out the other variants.

People rushes from all around the country to binge on the delicious flavor of Petha, the specialty of Agra. This sweet is prepared with ash gourd or pumpkin and then mixed with the nuts that offer it a unique taste. This comes in two varieties i.e. the solid, the harder form, and the other one is soft and in liquid form.

Note – Don’t forget to pack some Petha for your family and friends.

Specialty – Angoori, Paan, Chocolate, and Kesar Petha.

Location – Panchi Petha at Sadar Bazar and Gopaldas Pethewale at Johari Bazaar.

Mughlai Food

Agra was under the control of Mughal dynasty for a longer period of time, hence, the influence of Mughal cuisine is evidently seen everywhere and in every corner of the city. Be it a regular or a festive meal, the culinary world of Agra is hugely influenced with Mughal blend of spices.

The streets of the city are swarmed with the royal-inspired and flavor-packed food that offers you the pleasure of eating like the kings and the queens of the Mughal era.

Location – Mama Chicken Mama Franky at Sadar Bazar

Specialty – Meat flavored with Dried Nuts

Bhalla with Chutney

Popularly served as Aloo Tikki in Delhi and several other cities of the country, Bhalla is a dish prepared with fried and mashed potatoes mixed with many flavored Indian spices, chickpea curry and is garnished with coriander leaves. This mouth-watering street food in Agra is generally served hot with chutney.

The city looks incredible in the evening with the sun sparkling off the Taj. Enjoying a platter of hot Bhalla with Chutney and the mesmerizing view of nature is a sight to embark upon.

Where to try – Agra Chat House established at Sadar Bazar, Agra Cantonment

Heavenly Parathas

Irrespective of the city you are exploring, you are surely going to grab a bite of Paratha, a very popular Mughlai dish. This ultimate breakfast item is prepared with wheat and its stuffing varies from grated cauliflower, potatoes to carrots, and many more. The city is immensely popular for its Mughlai cuisine, hence you get the best qualities and varieties of Parathas served here.

To add more flavors to your taste buds, Parathas are generally served hot with varieties of chutneys. These crunchy Parathas are topped with a generous butter slice and is mostly served either with chutney or a bowl of curd.

Where to try – Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar established at Civil Lines happens to be the best place to binge on Parathas. The place offers a huge variety of Parathas and that too at a very reasonable price.

Piping Hot Jalebi with Rabri

Jalebi, a spiral looking sweet is a complete delight for sweet lovers and Agra is the city where offering street food culture is hugely appreciated. Jalebi with Rabri happens to be one of the most loved desserts that is honored at almost every street food stalls in the city. This mouthwatering dessert is prepared with a batter that is directly piped into the hot oil giving it a spiral shape.

This sweet dish is prepared in the most fascinating method with the steady skillful hands of the Halwai and its preparation method is a sight of amusing art. The deep-fried Jalebi is then dipped in sugar syrup and is sizzled in hot oil until it’s properly cooked. After it soaks the sugar syrup, it gets turned into an indulging juicy sweet. The dessert is usually served with Rabri to balance the nectarous flavor.

Rabri is prepared by reducing the amount of milk on simmer until it becomes dense and with nuts added. This balances the sweetness of Jalebi and makes it a heavenly combination to taste.

Where to try – Deviram Sweets at Mahatma Gandhi Road

Tandoori Desi Chicken

Tandoori Chicken, an appetizing dish prepared with a luscious mix of spices and yogurt is used in the Marination to coat the chicken. As the dish is typically roasted in Tandoor, Indian oven hence, the dish has been named so. You need to have patience to taste this spicy dish as it is slow-cooked until the meat becomes crispy from the outside and is tenderly cooked from inside.

The smoky flavor infused in the meat and the aroma of spices and the drops of lemon squeezed on the top of the dish don’t only compel you to lick your fingers but also make you order more plates of this mouthwatering appetizer.

Where to try – Several outlets at Sadar Bazaar, Agra Cant, and Gopi Chand Shivhare Road.

Bedai Kachori and Sabzi

Bedai Kachori with Sabzi happens to be the best morning dish that is craved by almost everyone in Agra. This land of Taj Mahal happens to be the heaven of street food and Bedai is believed to be the gem. This deep-fried puffy bread is generally served with chilly sparked potato mash and topped with curd mixed with herbs that add freshness to the dish and makes it very easy to digest.

Bedai Kachori is believed to be a very exciting evening snack to enjoy with a cup of hot ginger tea. When you are on your holiday in Agra, do not forget to order this evening snack and make your conversation enjoyable and longer with your travel companion.

Where to try – Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar at Civil Lines


Dalmoth, a traditional Namkeen is a savory dry snack and is very famous food of Agra. It is spicy, crispy, and is prepared with nuts, lentils, and flavored spices. This light snack is quite unique in taste and is considered as a perfect accompaniment to a hot tea, chilled beer, and even a cool sherbet. The snack is found all over the city, however, it is recommended to buy it at one of the original stores of Panchi Petha.

Where to try – Any grocery shop but it is best to buy from the original stores of Panchi Petha.

Agra is however the city of love but it is also the place where the way to heart starts with the stomach. The list of delicacies doesn’t end here as there are several other options to try out in the city but we have compiled only a few of them. If you like this post and want to read more such articles then do like, share, and follow us.

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