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Popularly known as the city of Taj, Agra is one of those ancient cities where you can find the trace of Mughals. The city is far beyond the Taj Mahal and other historical sites and one can enjoy shopping out their heart’s contents. Treating your taste buds with world-famous Petha comes first in the mind of every traveler who is planning their holiday in Agra.

Apart from the gorgeous architectural grandeurs, the city is home to traditional shopping centers and different bazaars from where you can purchase various exquisite items. Agra is believed to be the fourth largest city of Uttar Pradesh that offers a wonderful shopping experience to the locals as well as the travelers. Artifacts, leather stuffs, handicrafts, carpets, semi-precious stone jewelry, etc. are a few of the most bought shopping items in Agra.

Below enlisted are the top 10 shopping sites in Agra that you must visit on your Agra Tour.

List of 10 Shopping Places to Visit in Agra

Sadar Bazaar

One of the most favorite and heavily crowded shopping sites in Agra, Sadar Bazaar is a huge marketplace established near Agra Cantonment Railway Station. This happens to be an ideal place for shopping as it is located in very close proximity to Railway Station. So, either a traveler can start their Agra trip with shopping or can conclude their tour with shopping.

  • Things to Buy – Leather products, ethnic clothing, accessories, footwear, and more.
  • Visiting Days and Timing – The market is opened throughout the week except for Tuesday and between 11 am and 6 pm.
  • Tips to Follow – Take care of your belongings and ask for huge discounts from the vendors.

Subhash Bazaar

Another popular market in Agra, Subhash Bazar is established in Halwai Gali near Agra Fort. This market is pretty famous for silk products like dress materials and sarees and you can also find several other items in this market. It is one of the most favorite shopping sites among locals hence, you may find an immense footfall in this market.

  • Things to buy – Silk Sarees and other silk products
  • Visiting Days and Timing – The market is opened throughout the week between 11 am and 9 pm.
  • Tips to Follow – Bargaining skill is a must while shopping in this market

Kinari Bazaar

One of the largest wholesale markets of Agra, Kinari Bazaar is quite famous for its historical significance. Established near the magnificent Jama Masjid, this market area is a must-visit place to go for leather and handicraft shopping. Marble, rugs, leather, handicrafts, leather, and textiles are other hugely sold items of this market. Likewise, other shopping sites of the city Kinari Bazaar is also closed on Tuesday, so make your plan accordingly.

  • Things to Buy – Marbles, handicrafts, rugs, glassware, leather, and textiles
  • Visiting Days and Timing – Tuesday closed and the rest of the days, the market is opened between 11 am and 9 pm.
  • Tips to Follow – Strike a good bargaining deal in this market and take care of your belongings

Shah Market

You need to visit the Shah Market if you have a misconception that Agra is all about Petha and Textile shopping. The market is believed to be heaven for smartphone lovers and is established near the Sanjay Place market of the city. There are several wholesale and retailer shops from where you can get smartphones of each and every brand.

Also, if you are looking for a phone repairing service or second-hand mobile phones then take out an hour time to visit Shah Market. The best thing is that the market is opened till 11 pm hence if your phone breaks even at dusk then also you don’t need to panic.

  • Things to Buy – Smartphones of any brand
  • Visiting Days and Timing – Every day of the week between 11 am and 11 pm
  • Tips to Follow – Ask the shopkeeper to provide you a genuine bill

Raja Ki Mandi

Raja Ki Mandi, another popular market in Agra is flooded with several shops of jewelry, garments, sweets, household essentials, religious products, and many more things. There is a huge list of things to buy from Raja Ki Mandi hence; the market has a huge footfall especially on weekends. Commuting to this marketplace is quite easy as it is located near the railway station.

Established in the Lohamandi region of the city, it is one of the most famous markets that is a retreat for people who love street shopping. Shopaholics must include this market in their itinerary for visit to Agra.

  • Things to Buy – Ladies items, sweets, jewelry, religious items, household items, and garments
  • Visiting Days and Timings – Throughout the week between 10 am and 8 pm
  • Tips to Follow – Make a list of things to buy from here in advance or else you will end up spending the entire day in shopping.

Shahganj Bazaar

Shahganj Bazaar, another massive shopping site in Agra is the best-known local market in Shahganj locality. The market provides you plenty of quality products and even whatever you search for you are surely going to get that particular item.

  • Things to Buy – You get almost everything in this market from furniture to clothes and from ladies’ bags to footwear. You can also buy fresh vegetables from this market as it is believed to be one of the largest vegetable markets in the city.
  • Visiting Days and Timings – It is opened every day between 8 am and 6 pm
  • Tips to Follow – Be very attentive towards your belongings and show your expertise in bargaining

TDI Mall

Established near the astonishing Taj Mahal, TDI Mall is a great shopping place in Agra where you can go for both entertainment and leisure purposes. From this mall, you can buy clothes of national as well as international brands at affordable rates, so if you adore a branded cloth then you must visit TDI Mall once. They also offer great deals and discounts on the products that are on sale.

There is a huge food court established inside the mall where you can order all sorts of dishes.

  • Things to Buy – Branded clothes, soft toys for kids, and other daily essentials
  • Visiting Days and Timings – Every day in a week between 10 am and 10 pm
  • Tips to Follow – Try visiting this mall during sales as this will make you avail great deals

The Emporiums

After you are done with local and street shopping and excited to indulge in some handicraft and art items then move towards UP Handlooms and UPICA on MG Road. Besides this, there is also Subhash Emporium which is quite popular for its marbles. The marbles found in this emporium are always of premium quality and the fine craftsmanship speaks volumes.

  • Things to Buy – Laptops, candle holders, trays, and lamp base
  • Visiting Days and Timings – Every day between 10 am and 10 pm and it is opened throughout the week
  • Tips to Follow – The prices they ask for the products are quite high but paying such an amount is quite worthy as they always sell quality products.

Famous Shops in Agra

There are numerous retail outlets in Agra offering handicrafts and other products at discounts on sale. If you are willing to buy some amazing souvenirs for your family and friends then head towards UP Handlooms and UPICA on MG Road. Subhash Emporium is also a great place to purchase products made up of Agra marbles.

Apart from the above-enlisted places, there are few Malls and government-run handicraft and handloom shops where you can stop to buy your favorites.

Travel Tips for Shopping in Agra

This beautiful city offers you ample opportunities to shop out your heart’s contents. Visiting a new place is always tricky and you need to follow certain tips and tricks to avoid falling into trap.

Be Very Careful

The shopkeepers can easily get to know that you are not from the city and can try to cheat you, hence while shopping in Agra you need to be very attentive about the quality of products you are buying especially stone and marble products. For your knowledge, you need to be informed that a real and genuine marble is always opaque and doesn’t allow light to pass through it.

Avoid Hiring A Guide Unless Very Important

Don’t hire a guide for your shopping tour in Agra as they might mislead you and try to get heavy commissions from you by making items expensive from their original price.

Don’t Take Much Cash with You

The market areas in Agra are usually very crowded and pickpocketing is very common at such places, so you are advised to carry Credit Cards or ATM cards with you. Take out money from your account whenever it is necessary and in this way, you will save yourself from any misfortune.

Show Your Bargaining Skills

The moment vendor gets to know that you are new to the place, he will try to earn extra money, so be very vigilant and do not forget that you have to bargain. Never go with the first prices they ask for and bargain as much as you can. In simple words, you must be acquainted with great bargaining skills especially on street shopping in Agra.

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