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Agra, a beautiful city established right beside the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh is bestowed with several astonishing monuments. Taj Mahal and Agra Fort are perhaps the most gorgeous tourist places in the city that attract millions of travelers every year from all around the world. The major stopover of the Golden Triangle, Agra tops the bucket list of those who are looking for a short vacation.

This city of Taj is nationwide famous for its rich history that starts in the era of Mahabharata, the great Indian epic. It was earlier named Agrevana meaning ‘border of the forest’ and is believed to have been under the control of several rulers like King Jaipal. Later on, Mahmud of Ghazni took control over the city and then destroyed Agra and left it in ruins.

Rulers like Akbar and Sher Shah Suri ruled the city for many years before surrendering it to the British. However, the Mughal period is believed to be the ‘golden period’ for Agra as this is the time when multiple numbers of small and big monuments were established in the city. Akbar was the one who made this city more developed by constructing several monuments and also renovated the existing ones.

Fatehpur Sikri was also established by Akbar and then Jahangir another popular Mughal ruler planted multiple gardens in the premises of Agra’s Red Fort. The magnificent monuments and the colorful gardens in the city offer you a plethora of activities to do as a traveler. You can go on an adventure amid the serene landscapes and can capture some really amazing pictures for your travel frames. There is nothing to deny that Agra will never disappoint you.

Best Time to Visit Agra

The best time to plan your Agra trip is in the winter season i.e. between November and March when the weather is pleasing and favorable for sightseeing and for other outdoor activities. Planning your Agra tour between August and October is another great time to go for a holiday in Agra as this is the best time to witness the glory of the Taj Mahal at its best.

Summer is considered to be the less preferred time for your Agra city sightseeing tour as the climate is quite hot with scorching heat coming out of the sun rays. If you visit the destination in the monsoon months then you will have to face immense humidity and this makes it difficult for you to go on city exploration.

Agra in Summer

The summer months are extremely hot in Agra and the temperature reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius which makes it virtually impossible for a traveler to venture out during the daytime. Agra is all about historical monuments that get really hot in the sun and is very uncomfortable to visit. We would highly recommend you avoid planning your Agra trip in the summer months but if this is the only option then visit the tourist sites early in the morning.

Some of the best activities to do in Summer

  • Boating in Yamuna River.
  • Chilling out with your friends at Gokulam Fun City Water Park.
  • Shopping out your favorite items in Kinari Bazaar.
  • Visiting the appealing Dolphin Water Park.

Visiting Agra in Summer

The least preferred time to plan your vacation in Agra is the summer season as the weather is not favorable for outdoor activities and city sightseeing tours. This makes the city less crowded during summer and also the cost of traveling within the city is quite low in this season. Hence, if you are traveling with a tight budget then plan your Agra trip between March and June is an ideal time for you to avail cost-efficient sightseeing and lodging.

However, visiting the marble monuments of the city during the summer months is not recommended but if summer is the only option then try visiting the places in the early hours of the day. Going on a boat tour in River Yamuna along with witnessing the appealing views of the Taj Mahal, the epitome of love is another exciting activity to enjoy.

The city boasts of several water parks that are unfortunately closed during winter months, therefore, summer is the most ideal time to explore them. After it gets dark, the temperature goes down and this provides some relief from the scorching heat and makes it comfortable for you to shop out your heart’s contents at Kinari Bazaar.

In order to avoid enduring the hot weather on Agra’s streets, you can also participate as an audience in Kalakriti Dance Drama Show. Through this drama show, you get to see several incidences that occurred during the Mughal rule, and in this way, it will enhance your kid’s knowledge about the history of Agra.

Agra in Monsoon

Not a very bad time to plan your vacation in Agra, the monsoon in Agra starts from the first week of July and continues till August. The temperature lowers down and is not as high as the summer and the region doesn’t receive much rainfall to spoil your travel plans. To save yourself from dehydration, you are advised to carry a water bottle along with you as you are going to sweat a lot.

Activities to enjoy in Agra during Monsoon

  • Going on a food tour in the city.
  • Exploring the magnificent Jama Masjid.
  • Capturing the irresistible beauty of Humayun’s Mosque.
  • Visiting the colorful Mehtab Garden.

Exploring Agra in Monsoon

If you find special beauty in rain-drenched environments and monuments then visiting Agra in the monsoon months is a good idea. However, there are few obstacles that you might face while traveling during this season but once you reach there, you are going to have plenty of exciting activities to do in the city. The gardens in the city blossom to their fullest mood and the lush green areas get more highlighted.

This is the best time to click on some amazing photos as the sun won’t hamper your photography sessions amidst this colorful garden blooming with scented flowers. Visiting the majestic Jama Masjid is also a fun-filled activity where you can pray for your health and prosperity in the divine ambiance.

Agra in Winter

The most preferred time to plan your trip to this city of love is the winter season as the weather is quite pleasing and favorable during these months and you can easily visit the travel attractions without any discomfort. The majority of the travel enthusiasts prefer this season so that it can get a little crowded hence, you are advised to do your hotel bookings in advance.

Activities you get to enjoy in this season

  • Walking around the gorgeous Taj Mahal.
  • Go on a bike tour to explore the primary tourist places in the city.
  • Witness the glory of Agra fort on foot.
  • Visiting the magnificent Fatehpur Sikri, the sandstone city of Agra.
  • Shopping out your heart’s content by visiting the local markets.

Exploring Agra in Winter

The most ideal time to enjoy a holiday in Agra to the utmost level is winter. The temperature ranges at a moderate level in these months and this makes it comfortable for you to go on an Agra city sightseeing tour. Witnessing the mesmerizing views of the foggy mornings with a hot cup of tea at a rooftop restaurant leaves you spellbound. Overlooking the majestic Agra Fort and Taj Mahal by sitting at a rooftop restaurant is another enchanting experience.

You must have heard of Taj Mahotsav, a grand celebration in which the city looks like a beautiful bride and the locals keep themselves engaged in decorating every nooks and corner of Agra. This 10 days long festive season is a colorful affair that will refresh your mind and spreads positivity in you. Those who admire art and craft shall surely participate in this festival as the local artisans showcase their exquisite art and craft during this festive season.

You will also get to see a group of ladies and gentlemen dancing gracefully on the streets and one can also try tasting the delectable dishes prepared here. This also happens to be a great time for shopaholics to satisfy their thirst for shopping out souvenirs.

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