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You may be wondering why you would need travel tips for Almora? Especially when it is one of the centers of tourist attractions in the Kumaoni region of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Almora has always attracted thinkers, philosophers, and travellers from across the globe for its spiritual value and untouched natural Himalayan beauty. With its reachability now more than ever, Almora remains flocked by tourists for the most part of the year. However, even a simple weekend getaway can turn from great to horrible in a matter of moments if the planning is not right. Here are some travel tips or sort of a guide to making the most out of your simple holiday in Almora:

The Best Time to Travel

Almora is a hill station located at quite a height in the Kumaon region of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. The best and the peak season for travelling to Almora and getting the best views of the surrounding Himalayan mountain ranges is during the time of post-monsoon and pre-winter or all throughout the summer season. This brackets the best time to visit Almora from the months of late August to early November and also from late February to early July.

During these times the chances of rainfall are minimal and the temperature overall remains incredibly favorable for indulging in travel activities like sightseeing, camping, trekking, and other outdoor adventures.

Interesting Activities to Do in Almora

Being located in the heart of the Himalayan ranges, there are plenty of activities for travellers to indulge in. from families, groups of friends, devotees, and even couples travelling together can have a memorable time here. Some of these activities include:

Offer Prayer At Kasar Devi – The scientifically unique Kasar Devi Temple is located just about 1 km away from the main town of Almora and is famous for being 1 of the 2 places on earth that falls on the magnetic field that amps up your inner positive energies. Meditating here should be on your Wishlist since its effects are much stronger than meditating at your home.

Explore Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary – Binsar wildlife sanctuary is located very close to Almora and is a safe haven for many different species of flora and fauna found in these regions. Going on a soulful and peaceful jeep ride on a family-friendly trip and spotting several animals and birds will be a memorable and adventurous experience.

GB Pant Museum – Govind Ballabh Pant Museum in Almora is located right opposite the Almora bus stand and being the only museum in the region, it receives a lot of tourists. Established in 1980 dedicated to the freedom fighter and the carver of modern India, GB Pant, the museum displays a massive range of letters of cultural and heritage value.

Visit The Iconic Katarmal Sun Temple – Built by the Katyuri King Katarmalla. This iconic heritage of Almora can be dated back from the 9th to 13the century. Did you know that Katarmal is the 2nd most important sun temple in India right after the legendary and historic Konark Sun Temple? The temple complex houses many different big, medium and small-sized temples built in traditional Pahari architectural style with the main one being dedicated to the sun god.

Where to Stay In Almora

Being a popular tourist destination Almora offers stay options for people travelling on any and every budget. From budget hostels and shared dorm rooms to luxury resorts, homestays and hotel rooms of different price ranges, Almora has every imaginable type of accommodation for the convenience of travellers. Some good stay options you can check out are – Imperial Heights, Kasaar Jungle Resort, Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort and many more.

Souvenirs to Buy In Almora

Some of the best items to buy from Almora are traditional, colorful jewellery, woollen clothing like shawls and sweaters, ethnic clothing, metalwork decorative items, metal utensils, copper decorative items, and more. You can buy them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones back home.

Snowfall Experience in Almora

Located on a ridge and boldly facing the Himalayan ranges that goes from corner to corner, the peak winter months in Almora are chilling and freezing cold, especially during the month of January. Snowfall in Almora depends on the amount of rainfall received in the region that year. Although it doesn’t snow heavily, everything does get covered in a thin sheet layer of snow.

Nainital or Almora

Both Nainital and Almora have charms and attractions of their own. The only difference is that Nainital is located inside the valley while Almora is seated on top of a ridge. The views of the Himalayas from Almora are unobstructed in sprawl out on all sides while they are not visible clearly from Nainital. However, since Almora is only accessible through Nainital, you will have the opportunity to experience both the places and make a choice on your own!

Food Expectations in Almora

Almora is visited by people from different parts of India and the world. You can expect the food choices here to range from continental to Indian and even local cuisines. It would be the best idea for you to go for the local food item here since all the ingredients here are straight from the farm, organic, and very fresh in nature.

Adventure Activities from Almora

Almora offers trekking opportunities for both Amatuer and expert trekkers. From going on a simple nearby trek to Jageshwar Dham Temple to going full-blown on extreme mountaineering experiences like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Nanda Devi East Trek, and Panchachuli Base Camp Trek.

Road Trip Tips to Almora

Almora is a much-loved holiday destination for people living in the nearby states of Punjab, Delhi, UP and Haryana. Due to its proximity, people can simply pick up their cars or bikes and head out to the mountains. Remember that the hills on the roads are winding and unpredictable so you have to be already a good driver on the hills. Another tip for you would be to take your petrol or diesel-functioning car since there are very few CNG refilling spots here and would make it rather difficult for you to refill your tanks.

Best Cultural and Heritage Experiences In Almora

Almora is also dubbed as the cultural capital of Uttarakhand and there are remnants of the bygone era which add a mystical charm to this place. Some of the best places where you can truly get in touch with the cultural heritage of Almora are by exploring places like Jageshwar Dham Temple, Kasar Devi Temple, and Nanda Devi Temple, a village walks around Martola, Katarmal Sun Temple, and Chitai Golu Devta Temple.

These travel tips for Almora will make your regular holiday in this biggest town of Devbhoomi into a memorable one in a heartbeat!

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