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Food presents the soul of a place on a plate. Travelling gives you the opportunity to try out local delicacies and traditional cuisines that you don’t normally have in your regular life. Food in Almora is all about authenticity, staying true to their traditions, and using only homegrown locally made spices and other ingredients. This Kumaon beauty that offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountain ranges is all about peace and serenity which is also presented through their local food Thalis. Other than being delicious the use of organic food makes it healthy and packed with nutritious goodness as well. The tempting spices and aromatic flavors will draw you very easily to the local food stalls here and guarantee a whole meal in a pocket-friendly manner.

Almora Famous Food

If you are wondering what traditional food to eat in Uttarakhand, then here are some options for you to choose from:

Aloo Ke Gutke

Aloo Ke Gutke is a potato dish that ranks as one of the top traditional and famous cuisines of Uttarakhand. Prepared during some special occasions like family gatherings and marriages, this soupy potato dish is something that just has to be prepared. It is mainly served with the popular Kumaoni Raita and Bhang Ki Chutney along with steaming white rice or hot Rotis. It has achieved the name of being the original and traditional dish of the Kumaoni belt of Devbhoomi. Steamed potatoes with a garnish of chilies and coriander are utilized for making Aloo Ke Gutke which also preserves the flavors very nicely.

Bhaang Ki Chutney

Don’t let the name fool you! Made out of the seeds of wildly growing marijuana plants, Bhaang Ki Chutney is one of the favorites among tourists and locals alike. The chutney is tangy and adds a zingy taste to any dish. This chutney is accompanied by many different mains that help in elevating the overall taste profile of the dish as a whole. These bhang seeds do not have any THC meaning that the person eating it won’t get high. It is also combined with lemon, tamarind, and red Chillies for tanginess. That is why it is one of the most loved chutneys in Uttarakhand that is prepared across households.


Simply speaking Chainsoo is Urad Dal preparation that we normally cook and eat in our own ways across the subcontinent. This traditional cuisine of both Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand is packed with nutritional goodness and protein making it an ideal dish for healthy, vegan dishes. One step that totally sets it apart from the rest of the dal dishes is the roasting of the lentils and crushing it into a fine paste and then cooking it like a regular dal dish. Switching a pressure cooker with an iron Kadai and then slowly cooking the rest of the dal by adding some aromatic and flavor-packed spices is the best way of going about this dish.


Dubuk has earned the name of being one of the most loved winter comfort foods of Uttarakhand. Considered to be the tastiest dishes among all the other cuisines of Uttarakhand, Dubuk can be easily assimilated into your body on eating it, if you are concerned about the consequences of eating a local cuisine. Ideally served with white rice and Bhang Ki Chutney, Dubuk is prepared with Arhar Ki Dal which is also known as Bhat Ki Dal which is converted into a paste and then followed by slow cooking in an iron Kadhai. A Tadka of the choicest spices and onions adds on to its deliciousness and makes the whole meal totally worth it.

Kandalee Ka Saag

Saag means a leafy green veggie that is grown and sourced locally among the people of Uttarakhand. The hero of the dish is the Saag that is cooked to perfection and in a way that increases not only its taste but also its nutritional goodness. The Saag here is Bichhoo Ghaas which normally is very dangerous but once it is cooked and its thorns are removed it is made edible. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your immune system, then Kandalee Ka Saag should be included in your meals. Made using aromatic spices and flavor-packed flavorings, the Saag is one of the favorites and a must-try among the tourists and locals of Almora.

Jhangore Ki Kheer

You may have had Kheer after a meal to make it a whole complete experience, but Jhangore Ki Kheer is different from the rest. Traditionally a Garhwali Cuisine, this sweet dish is much loved across the various hills and valleys of Uttarakhand, and especially Almora. While normally Kheer is made out of broken rice, Jhangore Ki Kheer is made out of millets which are grown locally and are organic in nature. Aromatic whole spices are added like cardamom which is further sweetened by raisins. The milk, which is the main ingredient other than the millets, adds a creamy and wholesome texture to the whole sweet dish.


When it comes to the sweet dishes of Almora, Singori is the best sweet escape. Wrapped up in a Maalu leaf is the combination of creamy condensed milk and Khoya that is flavored with aromatic and flavorful spices like cardamom, raisins, and sweeteners of your liking. The leaf adds on to the flavor profile of this sweet delicacy and can easily be found in the street food of Almora. Not only is Singori sweet and absolutely delicious but they are also incredibly rich sources of protein and carbs which will help you power through the day as well.

Food in Almora is delicious and represents the true Kumaon taste of Devbhoomi in all its glory. The organic composition makes it far superior in taste and nutrient value.

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