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Almora is known as the cultural heritage capital of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Overlooked by the stunning Himalayan mountain ranges, Almora is a place where you can experience peace and serenity at its best. Famous for having been visited by historical big wigs such as Swami Vivekananda, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and a host to numerous philosophers, thinkers and sages, this iconic ancient town is a must visit.

Shopping in Almora is like taking a dive into the rich heritage and the authentic cultural roots of Uttarakhand. Everything depicts the past and the way it has shaped the local’s present. You will see scores of marketplaces selling souvenirs which are handmade with love and care by utilizing the locally grown raw materials. Shopping in any of your travel destinations should be a given since not only will it help boost the economy of that place but you will also be taking back a piece of this place with you!

Here are some shopping places in Almora along with what you should buy:

Kutchery Bazaar

If you are wondering what to buy in Almora then head on to Kutchery bazaar and the options will simply open up right in front of you. Kutchery bazaar or the court bazaar is the best place for you to loiter around and check out the wonderful souvenirs this place has to offer. The market specializes in featuring some of the best local works of exquisite copperware. Copper work in Uttarakhand is a very popular work of art that has been passed on from generation to generation and it would make for a great gift for yourself or your friends and family back home. The traditional coppersmiths are called tamtas, whose art of royal coin making goes back over 500 years back. Clearly, this marketplace has more than just a market value; it has historical significance as well.

Laal Market

Laal Bagh Market is the heartbeat and the pulse of Almora. This market in Almora remains buzzing with locals and tourists shopping for delicious local sweets, Bronzeware, brassware and rabbit wool warm clothing items. If it is handicrafts that you are after then Lal Bagh Market is just the place for you. This is undoubtedly one of the most underrated places to shop for woollen and thermal clothing items. The items on display will make you realize the amount of work, skill and intricacies that goes into the creation of each item. Buying them will also be a way of keeping the art alive through generations.

Khazanchi Mohalla

Almora was once the capital seat of the Katyuri kings who used to rule most of Devbhoomi for years. Being a royal capital there was no dearth, and in fact an abundance of precious metals like gold, silver and other such valuable items. If you wish to experience what it would have been like shopping during that bygone era then Khazanchi Mohalla is just the place to be. The name of the place is inspired by the father of the famous freedom fighter Mohanlal Shah who was born here, whose father was a Khazanchi or a treasurer in this area. Here you can shop for some famous Kumaoni Style Jewellery, like nose rings and necklaces. Yo0u can even get traditional Kumaoni clothing here. Khazanchi Mohalla is a true mark of well-preserved traditions.

Paltan Bazaar

The shopping street of Almora comes to an end the moment you reach Paltan Bazaar. The market place was established under the rule of the Chand dynasty during the 16th century and the main feature here is the iconic clock tower marking the end of the market street lane. The bazaar has everything and anything imaginable, including some of the most affordable stay options in Almora. This old-school marketplace has a lot of things to offer for the locals and tourists alike. If you find yourself looking for some stuff that you may have missed out on packing then head on to Paltan Bazaar.

Here’s what you can buy in Almora as a souvenir for yourself or as a gift for someone back home:

Woolen Clothing

One thing is guaranteed, that if you buy warm, woollen clothing from Almora you will not be disappointed. The people here have to face adverse and very harsh cold weather where the temperature drops to 0 and sometimes even to minus. To beat this bone-chilling cold you can buy angora, rabbit fur clothing that will keep you warm, comfy and cozy through the harshest of winter days and nights. Many tourists even buy woolen clothing in Almora to take back home for themselves.


The first thing that strikes to mind while thinking of buying souvenirs for yourself or your friends and family back home, are decorative pieces. You will definitely be spoiled for choices in Almora. You can pick from a range of brass work, copper work and other metal utensils and decorative items. These will not just beautify your homes or the corner they are kept in, but they will also be the perfect piece of memory.


What’s better than capturing the vibe of a place than buying some of the best available handicraft items. The handicrafts of Almora reflect its true legacy, history, culture and heritage. It is not only a way for people to earn their livelihood but it also gives a glimpse into the life and times of the people on the hills. These handicrafts include Aipan – a type of traditional floor painting, Likhai items which are wood carving decorative pieces and nettle fiber craft or Bichu Buti.

Ethnic Traditional Jewellery

Love Jewellery? Almora offers a pretty, interesting and a very cultural centric set of authentic ethnic Jewellery you see the Pahadi women wearing. These can range from elaborate nose rings to finely crafted Jewellery, waist band, bangles and even stylish necklaces. The best part? All these items are available at the best prices and every piece is worth it.

Shopping in Almora can be a new but a very interesting experience as you will be able to shop for literally anything and everything you may need.

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