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By morning Almora is a vibrant hub of culture, tourism, meditation, and devotion. The Pahadis are adapted to waking up really early in the morning to get all their work done and relax their time away by night time. As a matter of tradition, the local folks make it a point to retire back to their homes by sundown along with their pets and other animals that they may own. However, if you are someone who tends to enjoy the nighttime more than the daytime, this big city has many options available for you. Almora is a very popular tourist destination in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand and catering to tourists from across the world needs you to determine all aspects of travel, including interesting nighttime activities. Here are some cafes in Almora where you can relax in the dark moonlit night and some activities that will wash you over with a calming sense of peace which will guarantee a deep and good night’s sleep.

Alhito Café

Alhito cafe is a Kumaoni styled place to relax, have some good food, meet new people, and if you like it then even stay there for a couple of days. The cafe is also a part of the resort which is all about showcasing and preserving the rich Kumaoni and Uttarakhandi culture. Located in the magical hills of Kasar Devi, Alhito literally means ‘let’s go’ and the concept is centred around the concept that the place is not about meeting other people but themselves. The cafe is one of those rare places throughout the day where you can enjoy the panoramic views while warming up by the bonfire as the sun fades into darkness.

Baba Cake

Being a hill town, Almora shuts down pretty early however, baba cake is flexible when it comes to shutting down. Baba cake offers an immaculate collection of cakes and other baked goods that are made fresh using the freshest available ingredients. Situated near Almora in the magical ridge of Kasar Devi hills, you can gorge on cakes and sandwiches while going on a road trip to Bageshwar or staying near Kasar Devi Temple or in Almora itself. A chill time is guaranteed as you can hang out here till late, eat the popular Banoffee Cake and forget about your worries.

Valley View Homestay

Valley view can be best defined as a home away from home. Situated right in the middle of the road leading to majkhali from Ranikhet Valley view could be a great pit stop before reaching Almora, especially if you are travelling at night. They serve some delicious snacks and coffee which reminds you of a professional coffee shop but with a touch of timeliness and coziness. The adorable furniture, its famous carrot cake, and delicious pancakes will not only be a great way to fill up en route somewhere but also a great way to end the day. Have a relaxing time with your loved ones and let a sense of peace and calmness wash over you and valley view homestay.

Foresta Café

Hungry after a day of sightseeing and driving around? Head over to Foresta cafe to treat yourself with some great Indian, Chinese, and traditional Pahadi cuisines loved by tourists from all over the world. Famous for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can go there at any time of the day and a delectable meal with an equally wonderful panoramic view of the Himalayas is guaranteed. The cafe is vegetarian-friendly and also serves vegan options to make it all-inclusive. Surrounded by valleys on all sides and a view that will leave you spellbound, this secluded cafe in the foothills of the Himalayas is just the kind of relaxing environment you need to chill out.

Kaafal Café

Kaafla cafe in Kasar Devi can be defined in a few words – chill, cozy, comfy, and very homely. Located in Kasar Devi not far from the main city centre of Almora, Kaafal cafe is a great place to go after sundown. With interesting tunes, friendly doggos, and pretty paintings drawn or hung on the surrounding walls, Kaafal has quickly become one of the favorite hangout spots for the young tourists and even the youth crowd in the hills. They offer delicious Chinese, Indian and traditional food options to choose from and we suggest going the traditional route to get the real taste of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. If you decide on staying somewhere in Kasar Devi Village itself instead of Almora main city then chances are, Kaafal may become your favorite hangout spot.

Kasar Rainbow Restaurant

Located on Binsar road near the Kasar Devi Temple, Kasar rainbow restaurant is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy your time unwinding after a tough day of exploring. Their menu is super exhaustive which includes everything from Indian, continental and Chinese to Arabic, Italian, Mediterranean and English food options. Many people who make their way to Kasar rainbow restaurant tend to overstay mainly due to their location from where you can have a stunning and a very glorious sight of the setting sun on the horizon. The restaurant sits peacefully on the edge of a valley and you can relax your time away without having the need to look at the watch for time.

The Bong Book Café

Snuggled away from the main road of Almora, Ranikhet, and Kosi, the bong book cafe in Almora is truly a one-of-a-kind place. This quirky little cafe is the ultimate antidote to beating those daytime blues and ending your night on a positive and vibrant note. Expect to experience a slice of Bengal and Bangladeshi food at its best in the most unexpected place. The price range of this place is very affordable making it an ideal house among mostly the young crowd looking to have a good and memorable time on the magical and mystical hills of Almora.

Nightlife in Almora is not like any other metro. It’s so quiet, peaceful, and very serene.

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