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Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India in every sense. Gracing the central part of the Indian landmass it is also one of the largest states in India with very interesting and vibrant cultural and heritage colors. The fine and intricate erotic carvings at the temple of Khajuraho have been a center of tourist interest for ages now. The green cover of this central state will definitely pique your interest especially if you are a nature lover, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Park should be a must-visit. Being one of the greenest states of India, the weather conditions that prevail here are pretty solid. This means that if you wish to plan a holiday to Madhya Pradesh you need to be very specific and careful about the month of travel.

Here is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

Summer in Madhya Pradesh

April to June is the summer months in Madhya Pradesh. Occupying the central part of the subcontinent, the region receives direct and scorching sun rays throughout the season. This means that summer is not the best time to visit MP as the temperature soars to an unbearable level ranging from 25 to 45 degrees Celsius. Sightseeing and visit to different places remain nearly impossible due to the extreme heat, however, there are still some hill stations in MP that offer some much-needed respite from the unbearable weather. Visiting hill stations like Panchmarchi and Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary would be a good way to escape from the dreaded central Indian summer heat. Not all is bad during the summer season in Madhya Pradesh; it is a good time to check out the interesting and flourishing flora and fauna here.

Monsoon in Madhya Pradesh

July and September are the peak monsoon season in Madhya Pradesh. Each year MP experiences moderate to heavy lashes of rainfall during these months. The weather continues to stay hot, humid, and wet all through the region. Overall the temperature continues to be hot but it does experience some falls which could go as low as 24 degrees Celsius with the humidity levels ranging between 50 to 80% every day. This makes the climate very humid, sweaty, and uncomfortable to experience. Not to mention the frequent flooding situations which mean that the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries remain shut for this season. However, if you happen to be there during the monsoon months, you will get to see MP in its full glory. The rain washes away the scorching heat and makes way for settling down the dust and clearing out the air.  The lush greenery, dense forest cover, and natural green beauty of MP are amplified tenfold during these months. You can carefully head out to places like Chitrakoot, Satpura, Kanha, and Mandu.

Winter in Madhya Pradesh

The central location of MP doesn’t allow the winter season to be extremely and unbearably cold when compared to the other northern or northeastern parts of India. The months of October to March and even the beginning of April marks the winter season in MP. The days are pleasant and very refreshing with the temperature ranging between 20 to 27 degrees Celsius which means it is a very comfortable time to be visiting MP. The nights could get chilly with the temperature dropping to below 5 degrees Celsius sometimes. This has to be the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh and explore places like Bhopal, Indore, and Gwalior which are the heritage and cultural capital of India. You Can also check out some of the must-visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Going on river rafting or hot air balloon rides is an experience you must have.

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

It goes without saying that the winter season is the best time to plan a visit to Madhya Pradesh. Reason being that the temperature during these months is extremely comfortable and the right time to travel and explore. The weather conditions in MP remain extremely dynamic and susceptible to changes throughout the year. While some areas can be visited during the summertime and others could be visited during monsoon time, the best time to visit would be during the winter months of October to March or early April. These are also the best months to go out exploring, check out awesome tourist attractions, and even indulge in fun adventure activities like camping, trekking, and even paragliding.

While traveling to MP it is extremely important to keep in mind the weather conditions and check the forecast every day before heading out.

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