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Shimla is the land of many tribes and communities that have called this hill station their home for ages and centuries. Over time with constant development projects tourism in Shimla received a massive boost. People from all over the plains of north India; make their way to Shimla to get some respite from the scorching heat during the summer season. Along with hiking the woods and strolling around the lush green forests and some sightseeing, shopping for souvenirs is an important part of any travel plans. In case of shopping for stuff, the first thing that comes to mind is where to shop and what to shop for? Here is everything you need to learn about shopping in Shimla.

Let us start off by talking about what to buy in Shimla:

Local Handicrafts

Handicrafts are undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs or gifts that captures the real vibe of any place. Local handicrafts of Shimla like small trinkets, toys, decorative items, and showpieces can make for a great gift for anyone back home or for yourself as well. These ethnic items are unique to Shimla and cannot be found anywhere else making it extremely precious and special. These small items are very special in their own way and should be bought not only as a gift but as an act of good gesture and support shown towards small local businesses and individuals that rely on tourism to earn their livelihood.

Traditional Himachali Hats

Ever seen people in Himachal or pictures of traditional men and women in Himachal wearing colorful hats? That is not just a headdress but it is their identity. As a part of their traditional wear, men in Shimla can be seen wearing this colorful hat. These hats are easily and widely available in many marketplaces so you can buy this from anywhere. They are starch hardened cotton caps which is the pride of Himachali folks. You can even show your respect to the culture by wearing these caps and not disrespecting them. These would be a great gift for your travel-loving buddy.

Woolen Items

Shimla is a hill station that comes with a lot of promises. One thing is for sure there that if you do not get your bag or feel like you haven’t packed enough woolens then you can buy a plethora of woolen items from here. From sweaters and jackets to mufflers, gloves, thermal socks and so much more! Everything is priced at a reasonable rate that will enable you to buy these warm items not only for your loved ones but for yourself as well. The woolen items are guaranteed to keep you warm in the coldest of winters since the locals also rely on these clothing items to beat the biting winter chill.

Traditional Himachali Jewellery

Love Jewellery? Shimla has got your back! The traditional Jewellery of Shimla represents the traditional culture of Himachal in the best possible manner. Tourists can easily pick out their traditional choice of Jewellery from colored necklaces with gemstones or simple patterned bracelets, anklets, or delicately created and finely designed earrings and nose rings. Keep in mind that all these interestingly fascinating traditional jewels are made in silver or oxidized silver are made with hand, love, and care.

Here are some places in Shimla to shop for souvenirs:

Lakkar Bazaar

Famous for its dry fruits and woodwork items, Lakkar Bazaar which literally translates into the wooden marketplace is the place for every tourist to check out if you are looking for some of the best wood work items like decorative pieces, showpieces, or anything else. Each item is so distinct from another that you will feel like buying them all. All the items are a representation of the hard work and imagination that goes into creating these amazing pieces like small idols, keychains, wooden idols of gods and goddesses, and even candle stands. Other than that it is heaven for your sweet tooth. You can buy things like peaches, plums, and cherries at unbelievably low prices.

Mall Road

Going to Shimla and not the mall road? Did you even actually go to Shimla then? The mall road of Shimla is one of the most iconic heritage market places in Shimla. This heart of Shimla is packed with an array of markets selling a variety of items along with food joints and eateries offering everything from traditional to international cuisines. It is a great place if you are looking to shop for stuff. The iconic church stands tall as its crowning glory and will take you back to the time of the British.

Lower Bazaar

The lanes of Shimla are lined on either side by cute little shops selling trinkets, woolen clothing items, snacks, and small local restaurants. One such area is where you can lazily walk around and shop for souvenirs and stuff that you may probably need during your trip. If you are someone who frequently visits Shimla then you may not be completely unaware of this iconic market stretch. The lower bazaar market place is notably famous for its colorful pottery designs, carved out wooden sticks, gloves, shawls, and even fresh and dry fruits. You may even get your hands on some rare medicinal plants.

Tibetan Market

Adorned on a sloping part of Shimla, the Tibetan market truly resonates with the kind of market places which is mostly utilized by the locals and the tourists as well. Some of the things that can be easily found in the Tibetan market at the cheapest rate include padded jackets, sweaters, carpets, and rugs among other plethora of items. You can even shop for silver Jewellery and leather boots at affordable prices, unlike the overpriced boots you find in the cities. You can even buy stuff that is spiritually awakening and highly revered in the Tibetan traditions and culture. It is a very unique market that sells interesting items that you would love to buy.

Shopping in Shimla is truly a blissful and a very fun experience, even if you are not a shopaholic or interested in shopping in any way. The colorful decorative items will make you buy all of them not just for your loved ones back home but also for yourself.

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