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Shimla, the summer capital of the British has always been the place representing a beautiful mosaic of culture, traditions, heritage, and ethnicities. The awe and mystique surrounded around this quaint hill station full of history is understandable. It is a magnetic place for people looking to relax in the cool Himalayan air.

No longer is getting to Shimla a far dream. Reaching Shimla has never been easier. The government has been constantly constructing roads and highways throughout the city. This has been very helpful not only for travelers and tourists to reach Shimla but also to the people living in remote parts. It has increased connectivity and greatly helped the locals increase their connectivity to the city.

Wondering which is the best way to get to Shimla? These are the ways in which you can reach Shimla with ease:

How to Reach Shimla

By Road

Shimla is an established and one of the hottest hill station destinations in India that caters to tourists all year long. It would be best to first reach one of the nearby cities like Delhi or Chandigarh and catch a bus going to Shimla. This can be either a government-run bus like HRTC or a privately run Cab, Taxi, or Volvo service. Other places from where you can book a bus include parts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jaipur, Punjab, and more. From Delhi, Shimla is just about 8 hours away and could be reached easily during that time unless there is some construction work halting the roads.

If you are comfortable driving on the hills then you can take your own cars as well. The road condition is majorly good and well maintained and least prone to landslides. Remember that driving on the hills is very different from driving on the plains so think twice before heading out in your car.

By Train

Being a hot tourist destination Shimla has a railway station to cater to a larger group of people at reasonable rates and proper comfort. The train journey from Delhi to Shimla can range from anywhere between 9 to 12 hours. Kalka railway station is the nearest broad gauge railway station. This means that people from far-flung states could also be enabled to come here and explore the wonderful hill station.

The station is located at a distance of about 90 km from the main city of Shimla. It would be a good option to book cab service from the railway station to the place of your accommodation. Other than cabs there are also many bus services that the passengers can take up to the city Centre. Shimla has its own railway station which only connects Kalka to Shimla railway station. We suggest you take this train if it is available because the journey is incredibly scenic and refreshing.

By Flight

Unlike many other hill stations in India, Shimla does have a domestic airport. Located at a distance of around 25 kms is the nearest airport for Shimla called Jubbarhatti airport. If you could afford it then it would be a great idea to take a flight from Chandigarh or Delhi airport to Shimla. The journey is just about an hour long and would be great if you have a limited holiday duration or are looking for a quick yet super comfortable way of getting to Shimla. Delhi airport also offers bus services to Shimla which takes about 7 to 8 hours. This option is for anyone traveling from international seas but doesn’t wish to spend a lot of money for domestic travel. For folks getting to Chandigarh, it is advisable to book a cab and get to Shimla because it is just 3 to 4 hours away from Chandigarh and the cab fare would be much less than the flight tickets.

Ola and Uber Service in Shimla

This may come as welcoming news for people not traveling in their private cars. Shimla has introduced operations of Ola and Uber’s services making Shimla one of their 100 operational cities. However, it is not fully functional in the sense that the app would only offer mini or sedan services and not autos or prime service. Whatever it is, this move by Ola and Uber is a huge deal in making tourists more comfortable to not rely on private agencies that charge exorbitantly for cab and taxi services but rather pay their fair share of the distance traveled.

Local Bus Services

Local buses are easily available connecting Shimla to nearby villages and small hamlets that run from 7 am to 9 pm at night. This mode of transportation is a great money-saving option for budget travelers, college kids, and solo explorers. Remember that most local villagers rely on these local bus services for their everyday travels so please be respectful of their space and offer your seat to any local who you think may need to sit. The ring road is the place where most of the buses run. Even a special bus which is reserved for the ladies runs in and around Shimla.

Tourists can board the special bus service offered by Himachal tourism that takes the tourists to almost every local sightseeing destination private taxis are also easily available where the local sightseeing tour can cost you anywhere from 800 rupees to 1500 rupees. Keep in mind that auto-rickshaw services are not available in Shimla. Places like mall road, Kalibari, and the ridge can be reached by the no-vehicle zone where no vehicle is allowed to enter.

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